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How to Become a Standup Comedian


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How do you become a standup comedian, you ask? Let me get back to you on that, but believe it or not, this something I’m actually working on checking off my bucket list.

I’ve been watching videos, reading theory on technique, and actually have written a 20 minute standup routine that I plan to perform publicly in the somewhat near future. Am I nervous? Of course. Am I looking forward to it? Yes. I don’t even know for sure if I will like it, but it is definitely something I have wanted to do for a while, despite my disdain for public speaking.

Has anybody here ever done any standup? What was your experience like?


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This has oddly been something I've thought about for many years. In high school I had people tell me I should pursue this but there is a fear factor and not knowing where to start.
I have other dumb ideas. I want to make a board game. I'm going to pursue those first. I'll let you be my guinea pig on this one.


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That's weird, because my uncle also told me that as a teenager that I should go to comedy school and such but I never found myself remotely funny - and I much prefer working behind the scenes than in front of the curtain, much more stimulating creatively for me - so I never followed suit with that.

Board game idea sounds awesome. Always loved to play board games.