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How to become a Mangaka in Japan.


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Every now and then I look around on the Net and I see a lot of people asking how they can become Manga-kas (Manga comic designers) without living in Japan. BUZZZZZZZ! That cannot be. If you want to become a manga-ka in a japanese mangazine, you NEED to live in Japan. So I made this thread to show you aspiring mangakas what you can do about that, although it won't be a piece of cake!

1st Step: Make sure your skills at drawing manga are pro level. :nod::nod: Oh yeah. :nod::nod: . If your drawing level isn't pro level, you'll get a DAMN hard time to get a publisher and if you do, not for long. You can just practice for that to happen or go to a sketching class, a manga school or even get an art degree. With some luck and some talent, an average man would reach pro level with a lot of practice and a sketching class. Even though the others wouldn't be bad.

2nd Step: Learn the language. Japanese may seem hard, and it is hard, but with training you'll learn it so-so in several years. the best you can do when drawing is have someone, maybe an assistant, reapply the words in bubbles in a more "slang-like" way.

3rd Step: Find a cheap house. The rent is the biggest and most basic outcome of the month, so it must be stable and low. a good site to find apartments is sakura-house.com . Another option is to rent a guest house. As you know, it's a room in a house where others live. My opinion is it will be noisy and it will distract you from manga. Anyways, it's a Plan-B if you are short of money.

4th Step: When you hopefully move in Japan, Get a second job, better a part-time job. So that way, if you lose your author (hopefully temporarily), you should be able to pay your rent, bills, food e.t.c.
Some good jobs are:

1. English teacher. Japan has a lot of English/American schools and it sure is big, so you will be able to get a private lesson student through an agency and advertisements, or teach at an English school.

2. Teacher of your language. You can just get a teaching license and teach your home language. Although it'll be hard to get students if your language is hard, rare or unused (e.g. Greek)
I think English, German or French will be fine.

3. Generally every job in which you can adjust the work periods will do. Being a mangaka is very busy. so you'll need to be able to handle your time easily. e.g. DO NOT try being a Delivery boy or a shop assistant. these have all day schedules which will eat up your time like it was Ramen.

5th Step: Make sure you keep emergency cash. What would happen if you lost your author and at the same time the school year and the private lessons (or any other job you choose) ended? Would you get back to the motherland, comrade?
Because you don't want that to happen, always keep some emergency money in a money box or in a bank. Just take some cash from the monthly income (e.g. 10000 Yen or lower/higher) and store it. This way you'll guarantee your long stay in Japan.

I hope these instructions have helped you! You are free to do what you want to draw manga in Japan, I just think this is one of the best ways to do that!

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thanks for ur jib. i like manga, but i do not want to be a Manga-kas. i just want to take it as a good hobby