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How to be a good customer.


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In a vast world of human services including retail, food services, and other various businesses where clients would come in and a seek information, services, or physical products, there is always a someone who will be there to greet clients, visitors and so fourth. Human services have been around to help the majority of the consumers. In a sense that we tend to ignore some aspects of our economy today, we often neglect people who are trying to help and serve others. The retail environment; what do we do and what do others think of it? There is a plague that infects the retail world from hole-in-the-walls to departments stores, from Starbucks to Best Buy. This plague has affected the human lives of various employees in the retail industry. These types of people infect the retail environments with sheer ignorance, inconsideration, and intolerable behavior. Some cases retailers often get those customers whom are the opposite of these traits. But the focus on what some may see the majority of consumers are often perceived as rude customers. The following I'll be stating are different ways on how to be a good customer.

As a people we are raised in various different values, but the most common aspect is courtesy. What is courtesy? Courtesy is what society defines as a polite gesture. Example: When you are greeted whether it is a hello or a goodbye, it is common that you reply back to let the greeter aware that you acknowledge their presence or action. In the retail world employees that work in stores often greet customers with, "Hello." In the retail environment, employees make sure the customers will have a positive experience in the establishment. Among our friends we always greet each other in a informal greeting such as "What's up?," or "Yo." But the most common courtesy of greeting unknown people are "Hi," "Hello" or "How are you doing today?" Customer service representative often break the ice to patrons by greeting them with a very polite manor. And when the customer service representative greets customer they give eye contact, straight posture, and some may extend their hand to greet you. Customers, please acknowledge them and their presence for they are trained to assist you and take care of your business objective while in the establishment. When someone talks to you they take the time and effort to acknowledge that you exist in this world. How thoughtful is that? Which will lead in to my next thought, respect.

Customers, often neglect the respect that the employees have for customers.Why do we respect customers? Because customers pay our bills, put food on the table, and other things that money can buy. Please show respect to the employees, because they are the ones who know their way around the store. Without them there would be no one who will restock that ream of printer paper for you. There wouldn't be that one person who show you how this products functions. Like customers, employees are human beings too. So please treat others like you want to be treated. Does that sound familiar? As children aren't we raise to treat others like the way you've been treated? Same concept goes everywhere else. Many of us owns a cellphone. And most of us talk and/or text message our peers. How hard is it to tell the person you are talking to to call them back later? In some scenarios customers who come in talking to their mobile phones are ignored. Why is that? Because they are ignoring the presence of the employees whom are trying to greet you. When we walk into a convenient store we want to buy some candy, or pre-pay for gas. The clerk will be hesitant to talk to someone while they are on their phones. So please people if you have an important call, finish it before you enter the establishment.

Employees get paid for what they know and are train to do on-the-job tasks. Customers who enter a store please give them credit on there knowledge. Whether knowing how many gigahertz are in such and such computer or where the hot sauce is located in what aisle. When being approached by a salesman or representative and ask if you need assistant look at him and either say yes or no that you need assistant. If you ask a representative about the difference between THIS stereo system and THAT he will tell you. If you're a type of consumer that shop for competitive pricing you should not really talk to a salesman because you making a bias decision and NOT giving the employee any credit for his time an knowledge. Unfortunately the stores income which write paychecks to their employees are provided by the consumer's purchases.

Many consumers do have buyers remorse. Which means that they may have regret the fact about their purchases. Remember that returning items to a store is privileged not a requirement. Do not abuse this. If you plan to purchase something and plan to return the item don't bother buying because you will waste the time of a cashier or a customer service representative. When feeling reluctant about buying products from a store, ask for advice from a salesman, that is what they are there for. Cashiers meet and greet over 100 people everyday. When you purchase an item you are given a receipt as proof of your purchase. When in doubt you NEED to return the item please have the receipt ready for the employee. It makes returns and exchanges more easy. Having no receipt and wanting to exchange or return tells the employee two things: You may have purchase the item at a different store; or you may have stolen the product. Please keep the receipt in hand. And remember, returns and exchanges are privileges. When returning or exchanging products please consider their return policy. If it says 14 days its NOT 15 days, NOT 30 days.

Stores will always have an irate customer and that might be you. Just because one has a bad day at work and you go to a store does not mean you can take it out on the next employee. We are human as well. Going back to common courtesy please treat others the way you want to be treated. If you had a bad day and you are in line waiting for the cashier to ring you out don't pout because you are waiting. That cashier is doing his/her best to make a living. Do not make their lives complicated because you may not know what they've been through. Your business is yours and theirs is theirs. When people come to work they leave their personal lives at the door, and so should you.

If you believe you have a hard time with an employee do not demand for a manager right away, please talk with the employee and find a way to solve the issue. Do not raise your voice, you'll embarrass yourself, and even more you make everyone's shopping experience a bad one. If in doubt, say, "Is there anyone who can help me with this issue?" For holiday shoppers, please be aware that the employees are taking their time and effort to help YOU as the consumer find the right gifts for your loved ones.

I hope this information is very informative for those who do not work in the retail environment, or for those who are major consumers. I've been working in retail for over ten years myself and I've been through many scenarios. Being a good customer in general is just being nice to one another. Treat each other like human beings. Show respect. And abide by their policies. The next time you go shopping please be aware that these employees may have been treated like a tool rather than a human being. If you find this information informative please comment. If you disagree with what I have to said please comment as well. Otherwise I hope this information I've written open your eyes a little more.


"Expect the unexpected"
I realize this is something you're a bit passionate about and that is understandable. Thanks for taking the time to share this information.
It served as a reminder to treat others how you basically want to be treated.

Anyway........just for future reference (and I am in no way knocking your post or negating its intent).........I'm just saying, a more concise post would have been just as or more effective than a very long post. Sometimes a very long post can detract from its intended purpose (sharing information, garnering interest and attracting responses). Think about it...............
Don't get me wrong, this is not to say don't share how you feel but, more so about concision.


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I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a lazy SOB and I won't read a post if it looks too long. I know, I know, I've been guilty of writting a long response every now and again. If there is too much reading, some will steer clear......

A good customer should show some respect to the person assisting them.

Kind of reminds me of this story..... LOL! Somebody hits someone in the head and doesn't even offer an apology? WTF is up with that.

Ok BOT!!!


How to be a good customer. . . . . . .

Since I work in retail in a big grocery store/supermarket I will list a few ways to be a good customer. . . . . . .

And yes I see this every single day I work and the following is as annoying as all hell.

1. Please do not put any item from produce and meat in the freezer.
common sense here people.

2. Please do not tear up the produce and meat counters.
I do not mess up the inside of your car or house so don't mess up
our counters

3. If you can buy something cheaper somewhere else then go there.
shut the hell up and stop complaining

4. If you grab something from a cooler then you change your mind put it
back or at least back in any cooler not on a shelf or freezer.
your not that freakin stupid are you ???

More to follow as I see something new almost everyday :sigh:


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a good customer is someone who isnt rude right? a polite customer is what i believe myself to be! i am a regular shopper and being polite in a shop makes you feel more welcomed into the shop. if you are rude in a shop you shop in quite often then surely you wont be welcomed there


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In short, a good customer would be someone who is polite and doesn't take things for granted. If the goods that you buy are broken a few weeks after your warrant is over - chances are that you'll want to have to pay up right? Technically, that should be on your mind but if you're polite enough and doesn't start a scene, you might get it for free after all.


How to be a good customer. part 2

Contrary to popular belief customers are NOT always right and customers are not special.

If you cannot speak proper English then bring someone with you that can.

If there is just 1 employee working a department then either be patient or go shop somewhere else.

Stop trying to scam us cause we know better so go ahead and call corporate we don't care so screw you !!

retail sucks !!!
retail managers suck !!!
customers suck !!!

where's the beer !!!


How to be a good customer. part 3

Stop complaining that you have to wait so long in the deli line
Finish your shopping if the line is to long or go somewhere else

Do you have to order 2 pounds of every freaking thing we have ??
Are you feeding a freakin army, jerk

Do you have to have it all shaved or super duper thin ??(yes they say this to me)
Can't you be a normal person and have it cut normal, nimrod

Don't tell me you said 1/2 a pound when you said a pound just tell me you changed your mind.
You are making me out to be an idiot and you are a moron, moron

Stop throwing money on the counter and telling me I want $2 of ______
You have to pay at the registers you freakazoid



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If you get the chance, be a retail or restaurant employee (or both). Most people don't empathize very well, so this will force you to see things from the other side.


If you get the chance, be a retail or restaurant employee (or both)
I was in the restaurant business for 18 years and I am now a retail employee for the past 11 years and retail is pure hell.

just go to retailhellunderground and see for yourself.
The pics you see are REAL not fake or staged or anything.

Nothing surprises or amazes me in retail because retail customers are the lowest scum on earth.

When working in retail you will step into the Twilight Zone