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How soon is too soon?

What should the limitations of listening to Christmas music be?

  • Anytime after July

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Secret Agent
Staff member
For listening to Christmas music?

I'm not ashamed to say I've already started this year. Started in September actually. Not a ton yet but definitely purposely hit up some Christmas tunes in iTunes in the last month or so.

Was jamming to some Trans-Siberian Orchestra just now in fact, which made me think of starting this thread.

So, how soon is too soon? Please vote in the poll!


Do What Thou Wilt
What poll?

I don't really care for Christmas music anyways, So I only listen until whenever my mother turns it on about the week before Christmas. :lol:

I'd rather listen to Led Zeppelin. That way, I get Christmas everyday. :lol:


yellow 4!
I don't actually listen to Christmas music through my own choice, so any time before shops start playing it is too soon for me. I don't think I have ever downloaded a single Christmas song. Oh, except probably The Pogues at some point. 'Cause everyone needs that one.


I ♥ Haters
My downstairs neighbors have been playing "Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart" for two months now and I can't even begin to express the irk I feel when I come home from school and hear that beat. Worse part is, its always playing on a loop so it'll play for 2 or 3 hours nonstop sometimes. Its not cool. Personally, I don't care much for Christmas music, but if you're gonna blast your stereo and be a nuisance to everyone around you, wait till December.


Registered Member
About Thanksgiving is when I would expect to start hearing Christmas songs..but, the stores here, some have already begun playing them.
I don't really listen to them much myself....I have a favorite, and I did catch myself listening to it the other day in fact, it's here on my computer and it's a sad Christmas song.
It's by Anne Cochran...."Someone Is Missing At Christmas"
Never fails to make me cry~


Where is my Queen?
I personally wait until after Thanksgiving to start listening to some Christmas music. I actually heard a Christmas song on the radio two nights ago while heading home for work...weird.


Sally Twit
Christmas Day is the only day I won't vomit blood. I hate Christmas music because every single year it's the same songs driving me mad.


Registered Member
I'll listen to Christmas music any time during the year, but never more than a few songs. And most of them are ones you wouldn't hear in stores (etc), so I haven't gotten sick of them.

I can understand stores playing it any time after Thanksgiving, although since I work in a store, I know I'll get sick if it...


I'm serious
I voted "you should wait for the first snow". Hint : it doesn't snow in South Africa.

Xmas music drives me insane. Like Bliss, I want to vomit blood when I hear it. I will tolerate it during Xmas lunch, but not even all day Xmas, unless you want me to go mad!
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