How smart am I?


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Killerkitty1106 [8:07 PM]: I am so stupid... I was about to take a shower when I saw a lighter on the counter. I grabbed the lighter and thought, 'I wonder if toilet paper burns slow or fast?' So I took some toilet paper and lit it on fire.
Christine [8:07 PM]: omfg
Christine [8:07 PM]: LMAO
Killerkitty1106 [8:07 PM]: Weeelll.
Christine [8:07 PM]: was it fast or slow
Killerkitty1106 [8:07 PM]: Fast.
Killerkitty1106 [8:07 PM]: I was like, 'Oh! This is cool! Wait... Oh crap! *Blows and fire doesn't go out.* Oh CRAP!"
Killerkitty1106 [8:08 PM]: *Blows some more.*
Killerkitty1106 [8:08 PM]: CRAP!
Killerkitty1106 [8:08 PM]: *Drops it in the toilet.*
Killerkitty1106 [8:08 PM]: *Flushes.*
Christine [8:08 PM]: lmao
Killerkitty1106 [8:08 PM]: lol
Killerkitty1106 [8:08 PM]: Smart, eh?
Christine [8:08 PM]: very smart.


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Of course you are smart Himeko. I mean you are still here, aren't you? You didn't get banned like IntheNet. So you are definately smarter than him.


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Himeko, ur going to turn into a pyro soon >>; But I am proud of u, now u got me wanting to try that now^^;

But I think ur mind was shut off and the commen sense funtion just wasn't working, but who cares, we all have our moment's like this.


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Congratulations! You're next task is to see how hard it is to put out burning homemade napalm. I have a list of ingredients for the napalm if you want it.