How Should Jails/Prisons Be?


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I got this idea from another prison thread I made. How should jails and prisons be?

There are some jails that have a pretty laid back and relaxed environment. I don't know if computer and internet access is widespread yet but cable TV is certainly something that a lot of jails have.

I always considered prison to be more for hardened criminals, vs. jail, which is where you go if you get a DUI or whatnot.

I don't see much of a reason to make jail any more fun than prison though. I think both should be pretty boring. The food should be bland and uninteresting and the daily schedule should be pretty empty.

I don't have a problem with recreation yards and weight rooms. Those types of things don't require much upkeep and it gives people something to do. I don't think they should have state of the art equipment but I don't see a problem with giving them something to do to pass the time.

At first I was going to say people who commit crimes such as tax fraud, drug use (personal, not selling), bugging your neighbors phone - crimes like that, the prisoner should be allowed to use the computer and television. However, I've went a step further, now and say that murderers and rapist should have access to these things, too. W-WHAT!? I know, I know... I just think most (and I'll define most in a second) should be allowed these extras while serving out their time so they don't go COMPLETELY INSANE. Give the guy a little time to relax and get his mind off of the stress in prison. Just to keep the place a tad more relax, so he's not always thinking about killing his roommate. No Comfort Inn or anything, just some pleasures.

Oh, yes, "most". People like Charles Manson who are already insane shouldn't be allowed to watch TV. That, and people who do the most low down crime there is. That crime? Probably pedophilia.

And, I also agree with the systems where if you've been good you can watch TV, while if you're bad you get no TV. The brownie program. =D
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I don't think prisons or jails should have commissaries/canteens. I agree with you hybrix on basic rec yards and weightlifting rooms.