How SD can be THE show again?

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by PhillyKid90210, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. I think that SD needs to merge with ECW. It will help both shows out and the wwe. There will be a 2 branded show again and no more tri-branded ppvs again. ECW will merge with SD and will not have only 19 guys anymore but more and will be able to fully put on good matches and have time to do it too and better sotrylines and feuds Same as SD better storylines and feuds. More mid-carders which they need, young talent, more main eventers which will help the world title division. More divas too which will help out and the CW division will get some help out as well and be good again. ECW would be bale to have more then one match on the ppvs. SD/ECW would get off the charts ratings and alot of people would tune in. More extreme rules matches. TL/Estrada can have a good ol face/heel gm thing. They could do this like what they did Raw during the attitude era. One hour be SD and the next ECW. Just like during the attitude era one hour was Raw Is War and the second War Zone. I'm telling you it will help out both SD and ECW. SD will be THE show again and everybody will be off ECW's top and ECW will be good again and watchable and entertainable. What are your people's thoughts and opinions are?

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  3. Yeah but what do you think of my idea though that i posted. Y2J is most likely to go to Raw.
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    Merger is a bad idea.

    I garuntee the ECW people would job except for Punk, Burke, BDV and maybe Thorn.

    Also some would be fired.
  5. Yeah i guess your right it was a thought though.
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    If you brand the shows to many people would be fired like was already mentioned plus you have to do a lot more booking which in fact would not help the company much.

    I think Smackdown has the tools it needs to get back on top but they just need to take it slowly and try to get some good feuds on the go and make sure that they play their cards right and they'll be back on top one day.
  7. Well that one day is coming soon. SD was always the top show since 99 when they started. Raw had all the fire power but did'nt know how to use it. Plus raw like now worried too much about dumb ass skits. SD worried only about wrestling and had some entertainment. SD skits where in fact better then raw. SD skits where reasonable unlike Raw's was.
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    Some of them were anyways. Right around early 2004 I think Smackdown was the show but then RAW got the rights to Benoit and I think it started from there. Since then RAW has been the bigger show. Before it was because of Smackdown's superior roster really. Now both shows have good rosters but Smackdown's is not fully used right.
  9. SD is better no doubt about it. Raw was never better. And Benoit was on Roids so he does'nt count. Even when SD was ass it was way better then Raw. And you would think that Raw because the where around longer and had more stars. But SD was THE show and will always be THE show in our fans eyes. I think even Vince knows that but he still goes with Raw. You would think since the fans enjoy SD better he would improve SD.
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    Okay lets get one thing down path , More then one guy in the WWE has been on steriods in the past. You CAN'T take away that he won a world title at Mania 20 and turned a whole nation into wrestling again. He made the fueds on RAW more exciting.

    What fans are you talking about?

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