How "rich" are you?


Hell, It's about time!
At this moment in time how much money do you have in your possession, name or bank account?

I have a little over 3k in my bank account, about $400 cash plus a jar full of change.
Right now I have 11 dollars to my name. Just spent over 500 to catch up on bills and clear most of the debt I still had. Minus student loans. The good news is now I can officially start saving up again, so I'm not "rich" but I definatly am better off now than I was.


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I've got a decent job with a reliable income.

I have about £13,000 in my account and £30 on my desk.


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I have $400 squirreled away for now, maybe $150 readily available for the rest of Christmas/Christmas shopping, and about $500 set aside for credit card payments, until I can pay off the balance in a few months.


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I've never been one for posting my bank balance on the net. Or telling anyone for that matter.

That shall continue here


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Got around 11,000 in the back account, parents have been saving me up money from nothing but silver coins like 50 c and all that for last 6 years, and I've got 13 dollars in my pocket at the moment.