How Persistant Are You?


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So I ask to my fellow members who go to the gym on a regular basis or whenever they can, how persistant are you with using the machines in a consecutive order? What I mean is going from one machine to the other, or doing different free weight exercises one after the other. I ask this because I usually switch between the two (Machines and free weights), I haven't been one to just stick to one, even with my trainer.

Some say its a good thing while others say its back because of the resistance vs. using the free weights where it's just you and gravity.

What do y'all think? Do you stive to use mainly the machines? Free weights? Or do you alternate between the two?



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I use free weights almost exclusively. I don't have a gym membership so I don't have access to machines. In the end though, I think free weights give you better results because you have to work that much harder to stabilize during your sets.

I don't stick to the same order all the time though. I usually create circuits in which I try to completely them as many times as possible in a given time period. I'll stick to the same order for a few days and then change it when I want to work different muscle groups harder.


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Machines are good for routines for stabilization and control. I prefer using machines for most of my back routines a muscle that isnt worth the risk of injuring with the use of free-weights. You aren't going to injure yourself or do things improperly on a machine (well in most cases).

I use free-weights for everything else because they teach you strength and control. It is a better workout.

People fuck up their backs doing squats with free-weights. When you are younger the use of free-weights is preferable. It is more difficult to do, and provides you more strength. As you get older machines because more prominent in your lifting routines.

Machines have their place in workout. They tend to concentrate certain muscle groups. I think for certain routines and for certain muscles machines are superior to free-weights. And the same goes for free-weights.

I think its important to have both in your routine but you shouldn't have more machine routines than free-weight. I do only 2 machine routines and both are for back.


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I like both. Like George mentioned...I definitely use the machines for my back. It would only take 1 slip and I would be out of the gym for days, sometimes even weeks with my back condition. It's not something that I want to risk. As long as you have proper form on the machines, you will not hurt yourself.

For the rest, it's a mix. Just what I prefer using that busy the free weight area is, and if I would be able to get a bench/weights that I want.