How particular are you


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about getting ready before you go places? Do you have to have your hair a certain way, or always wearing makeup? Will you run errands in sweat pants or do you always put on "nice" clothes?

If I know I'm just going to be at home all day, I don't really make a concentrated effort on "getting ready" I'll shower, but make up doesn't always get done and hair usually ends up in a ponytail. If I know I'm going to be doing lots of cleaning, then It's just a random tshirt and some of my jeans with holes. If I know I'll be going somewhere or just feel like getting dolled up, I'll make sure to put make up on, and my nicer jeans or maybe a skirt, and if the kids give me time, I'll curl my hair. If I do end up needing to run a quick errand unexpectadely and haven't put make up on, I'll usually just go without it, but if we are going to be out all day, I'll quickly put it on first.


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When I'm just hanging out at home I usually wear sweat pants and shirts with holes in them, but if I go somewhere I change into something a little more respectable. I usually don't worry about my hair or make up or anything. :)


Sally Twit
I don't wear makeup to work but I will wear smart clothes. I am not too fussed about my hair unless I am seeing my boyfriend. I always take quite a while to get ready when I'm seeing him but I won't take too long if I am just seeing friends or something.


The Original Kiwi
Also, how long does it take you to get ready?

If it's just me I can be ready in 30-45 min, but if it's kids too, it's a minimun of 1 1/2 hours.

Well; for school- It takes me 20 min. I wake up @ 4:30am; go for a quick run (just around the block is a mile- I take my time, finish it in about 10 minutes) And then shower (5-10 min). And my hair goes into different styles everyday. But I rarely ever spend more than 10 min on it. I don't blowdry it cause then it gets all frizzy:sick: It's naturally wavy. Will straighten or curl. And I almost always finish by 5.

Clothing style: it differs. One day I might be wearing a skirt and heels; the next I'm in a pair of sweats. Just depends how I feel when I wake up. But usually I stick to jeans and a tee paired with a hoodie.

If I'm wearing makeup you know it's for a special occasion (concert, competition, rarely dates). Lately I've been doing eyeliner and mascara, bring some attention to my eyes...If I go all out with it- takes about 3 min.- otherwise just a few seconds.

For church I always wear a dress or skirt; and I almost always curl my hair for that. It takes me about an hour to get ready- 45 min. of it is curling my hair. (too damn thick!)

sooo yea.


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Hi all.

Me? Well it all depends o what i'm doing or where I am going..But most of the time i'm at home so I just wear my sweats and over sized shirts.

if we are going out to a restaurant then I will change and shave. But since I work out of the house I get to bum it..

Saves me time and money on laundry. If no one is going to see me, why get dressed?

So for me it all depends on the situation.


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Low maintenance. I'm not into complicated girly routines (when going out, going to bed, etc.) in preparing that men often accuse women of doing. You're right about the kids though....even if I'm ready in 5, it can talk more than an hour to have them ready too.


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I don't ever take long at all really. Normally I just wear a T-shirt and some shorts (seeing as it's nice and warm now:D).
If im going out somewhere, like a restaurant, ill slip on a polo.


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It takes me about 20 minutes to get ready for school. Most of my time is spent getting out of the bed and loitering.

I might spend up to 5 minutes just trying to flatten my hair though. It takes hot water to get it soft enough to comb down. :-/