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How old is your cell phone?

How old is your cell phone?

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I'm still using my brick from 2004. It's not huge by any means but it's not a flip or PDA either. It's basically a phone and then a very hard and annoying to use internet browser, decent voice mail, etc.

So how old is yours?


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mine is 2 years old : ) same thing just your basic phone, I only got it when my daughter started in kindergarten. I began to worry that something might happen and the school might have to get a hold of me. So I went down and got a cell phone. Then 6 months later I started working there, but kept the cell phone cuz I signed the two year contract lol it works great though! for my purposes anyway


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Less than a year old, nothing too special or flashy. Actually, I just bought it yesterday. The one I had before it was a hunk 'o crap, so I got a nice shiny new piece 'o crap.


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Mine is around 3 years old. I could have gotten a new one when I signed a new two-year contract, but I didn't have any money to do that, so I just stayed with the one I have. It does what I want and that is all I need.