How old IS that french fry......?


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When you were growing up, I'm sure when you went for car rides with your parents or what not, you sat in the back seat. On long car rides it was always fun to search under the seats and see what all you could play with or annoy your sister/brother with if that was the case. One time, I found an old mcdonalds french fry that had landed on the floor. I started pretending to eat it, as a way of making my sister gag. However, her being younger, and not as smart as older kids were was like 'oh yum, a french fry' and faster than a whip, she grabbed it to try and eat it. Luckily I was fast too. I was able to grab it back before she could eat it, but man was that funny.

So many gross things were found under the seat, but so many cool, long lost toys were found too. I remember finding this toy matchbox car that I had thought lost. It made the car ride much more interesting.

One time, I had a twonie (Canadian two dollar coin), and I decided to make up a magic trick for the benefit of my siblings. Pop, into my mouth it went as my hand flipped past my face. BUMP!! down my throat it went as we hit a large bump. Swallowed myself two bucks. It hurt going down, but luckily I felt nothing on its way out. Frick lol =P

So how about you? Any really funny stories from the backseat? If you're a parent, have your kids done anything recently? It doesn't just have to be about gross things you find, it can be any funny story about riding in the car as a kid.


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This one time I was in my grandpas car and I was like "what is that weird blob under your seat?" and it was like.. a melted really moldy apple puddle. he likes to steal apples from fields when he drives by them, i guess he forgot about some and now theyre all stuck and molded into the floor of his car!


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Whenever we lose something, we look under the car seats. I don't even want to get into some of the gross stuff we find.
On a trip to the vet our cat was in his carrier on the backseat. Eventualy he could't handle it and wet himself. The pee leaked out on the seat and even after cleaning the stence took a month to disappear.


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I don't think they are suitable for the younger readers so i'll keep quiet :lol:
Same here. :lol:

Oh on second thought I have one, not really funny story but it's what I think of backseat riding. It often makes me dizzy. I prefer riding in the front but if you're a child, that's not often an option. So usually I would travel with a plastic bag in my pocket. Just in case...

My kids are in the modern age. Their main entertainment when riding in the back isn't really the treasures they find there but the car DVD player we have to set up for them before we go on a long drive.


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I remember once while riding in my uncles car I reached into the crack of the front seat and found his stash :shocked: :lol: (this was way before I knew what pot was) my uncle snatched it from me real fast and told me that it was pizza toppings, I think i was 7 ot 8 at the time.

I try not to let the kids eat in the car now a days, nothing worse than finding a petrified french fry in the seat or a fuzzy cookie :urp:.


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The only crap i usually find in my car is from my dad... and that usually ends up being some sort of food wrappers, coffee cups, or soda cans/bottles. And then there is the freaky duck stuffed animal that has lived on the back seat for a while.....

The scariest place that I've found for nasty food/stuff is under the couches at the radio station i work at. We were cleaning the control room over the summer and found a can of soda under the couch. It had been there for quite a while, so it was quite smelly and i'm pretty sure that it was seperated too... And then there were the bits of food, and nasty wrappers there too. (I think i found a cheese ball or two from the all night marathon there too.)


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I just usually found paper, or something of that nature, me and my family barely ate in the car cause it would cause a mess, which someone had to clean it. Sometimes me and my brother did find old toys that we thought we'd lost, which is pretty cool, especially at a young age.