How old are you?

How old are you?

  • Under 13

  • 13-15

  • 16-17

  • 18-20

  • 21-24

  • 25-27

  • 28-30

  • 30-34

  • 35-39

  • 40+

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Much better! I finally join the majority!
Yeah. But I wonder how accurate it really is. How many people were in that age group years ago that should have unvoted and chosen a new group?

I honestly don't think us 21-24 year olds are the majority anymore.


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Holy crap, this thing has been "ported" from the old Game/General forum. Did I skip two full categories???

Wow. Someone should close down this topic every 2 years at least and start a new one so that people don't "unvote". Now you just have a random mesh of people who voted and unvoted, and nothing reflects the actual demographics anymore. Two categories! Geez. Wow that is a leap.