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How often do you walk your dog?


To all the dog owners obviously. We all know how important it is for both the physical and mental health of our dogs to be walked, but sometimes it's hard to find the time.

I personally walk my dog once a day if I can, but if it is rainy or too windy we usually skip it. The only problem is I think my dog is starting to get beyond walking point. He is currently 15 years old and can hardly keep up with me. He can barley walk in a straight line now either. I usually have to slow my pace down a lot just so that he can keep up with me. Yet when he sees me pick up the lead he still gets excited and jumps around at the front door.

Some days he seems fine but others he can barley even make it the whole way, and I only go for short walks with him.

So how often do you walk your dog, but also, when do you know that you should stop walking your dog?
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I try to walk my dog twice a day. And even though I'm a completely lazy slob, I still take her out to be walked in the morning. And on the weekends, I try to take her to the dog park, so she can interact with other dogs.

As far as, knowing when to stop walking your pup, I really wouldn't know. My dog is currently 2 years old, so she has a lot of energy. Usually I'm the one tired before her.


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I don't walk my dog at all. I take him out when he needs to use the facilities, but he gets most of his exercise by A LOT of playing and fetching. We just do it indoors, mostly.


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Assuming the weather is good we go on one walk a day that lasts at least an hour. On top of that we do several trips around the block throughout the day to do their business.


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When I used to have a bigger dog, I walked it every day, I used that as an advantage to be fit. Because of it's death, I refused to have another dog and my parents got one 2 years ago now and I never walk it. It's small dog. Hate it with a passion.


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Me or my brother try to walk our dog at least once a day. Some times it's just not feasible though since we don't have the time to do so. He loves taking walks, so when we do take him out we like to take him out for an hour or so. Also, I have a friend that enjoys giving Riggs a walk which helps too.

During the winter time, his walks might be limited since it gets really cold on some days.