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How often do you vist GF?


aka ginger warlock
One of the first things I do during a work day is come on here to catch up on what is happening unless I have a very busy morning and I will normally visit on my lunch hour. I also always have GF open on a tab when I am home and will go back and forth from GF to other pages and refresh every now and then.


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I try to come on every day but with other things to do, my time is limited on the computer.


Registered Member
In the morning for sure usually about 2 hours in/out. Then later in the evening, if I can get a turn back on my laptop. And if there's a spicy debate or drama, I might check in more.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Daily, for sure...right now while I'm still searching for employment I spend a good amount of time every day (I'll come on 2-3 different times during the day) on GF. Once I get a job, it'll probably feel weird not to be coming on every evening...but who knows how all of that will work out.


Registered Member
I used to come here every single day!
But I don't anymore, some times, I notice where it can be 2 or 3 days between visits.


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When I first came and was really active years ago, it was every day, sometimes all day while looking at other pages and what not. But now, I come every so often, sometimes every day but I don't post anything, just read a lot to help me sleep or give me ideas for things I would like to post in the future. With what I've been reading on whatever drama is happening on these boards, I'm kinda glad I'm not as attached as I once was.



I try to visit GF almost every hour. It's the first thing I do when waking up in the morning, when going to work and sit at my office desk and then definitely when getting back home.
I can't stay a minute without checking in.


Son of Liberty
Im daily, probably more so Hourly.

Fact of the matter is, when I open my browser... the first thing that I do out of habit is hit my bookmarks folder and open up tabs for about 5 or 6 websites. GF has been one of those for as long as I can remember.

Even when Im bored and on my phone... GF is still a habit tab that comes up.


Well-Known Member
I visit GF several times a day, though I don't always post.

I have a lot of free time scattered throughout the day and I'm usually on the computer anyway so that really helps me get into this place all the time.

I used to post a lot, I guess the topics just aren't as good/interesting for me.


I ♥ Haters
I'm on GF everyday. Its the first thing I check in the morning when I get to work. Since my job requires me to be at a computer, I usually have GF open on one of the tabs. On the weekends tho, I'm not as active as I'd like to be.