How often do you visit Wikipedia?


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How frequently do you guys spend searching topics on wikipedia? Do you guys ever edit pages? What do you tend to look up?

I know wikipedia is not a reliable source for scientific, historical, mathematical, information. However I found it a great source for information regarding media entertainment items.

I go there occasionally to check out release dates for games, look up synopsis' to anime, information regarding movies, musical artists, etc.

I rarely edit a page. I think I have only done it a few times. One time because of a blatant typo, another because of vandalism, and a third time about a band.


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How frequently do you guys spend searching topics on wikipedia? Do you guys ever edit pages? What do you tend to look up?

My homepage is google and wiki pages often come up as top results for searches. That's when I visit wikipedia. I have edited a page (typo and for clarity) but I was specifically asked by the writer to check it out and edit.

Sometimes I'd look at one topic and end up elsewhere because I'd see links to another and another...until I'm looking at a totally unrelated topic from my initial search. It's that interesting.


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I usually always end up using Wiki. I google something and Wiki is always the top website that comes up so I just click it all the time.


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I actually use Wikipedia quite often. It has information on just about anything you can think of.


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several times a week. whenever it comes up in a search, or if i want to know a hockey player's stats without having to wade through all the bullshit on

i've never edited there. my cousin once wrote on Mitt Romney's page that his nickname is Mitt because he's from Michigan and Michigan is shaped like a Mitten. lmao. it was edited pretty much right away.

come to think of it you remind me of that cousin, george. same dry sense of humor.


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I use Wikipedia all the time. Of course not everything on there is going to be 100% accurate, but for the most part I've found the information to be very reliable. It's not like it's written by 3rd graders.
Whenever I need it. I generally use it to find out about movie spoilers, music and people. It has all the information I need, and if I need it for something serious, I'll double-check my facts on different sites.

As Echoes said, it's reliable for the most part.


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I use it maybe half a dozen times a month. Not on anything particular, it's usually random stuff.


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I check wikipedia at least once a day. Most of the time I end up searching for, anime, video games and movies. I've never edited a page though.


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I usually use Wiki. when i am searching for some Anime things. It always seems to be the first one. But other than that i don't use it due to the fact that here at school most (english) teachers banned us from using Wiki. as a source when looking up info. If i do use it it's only about 5 maybe 8 times a month