How Often Do You Visit The Bank?


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Your money is one of the most important things in your life as far as living purposes go.

But how often do you actually go and see somebody face-to-face about your account, savings and finances?

I go to the bank at least three times a week for work as I take care of all the payments but as far as my personal banking goes, I haven't spoken to an official at my branch for over five years.

I know it's something I should do as I might not be getting the best rates available to me but I just don't have the time and it always seems to get put off.


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I get letters every month telling me about the best account for me etc but like you, I keep putting it off for one reason or another. I'd go on my lunch hour at work if it wasn't so far away.

The last time I went was maybe a year ago.
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The last time I was in a bank was a couple of weeks ago paying a bill for my parents.
As for myself I dont even have a bank account,I get paid in cash and have been for the last ten years.


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Face to face contact was last July when I was getting a loan for a car. I have direct deposit and visit the ATM when I need cash, so really there's no need for me to see someone unless it's rare circumstances.


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I don't go to the bank often to talk to someone face to face about stuff, usually because I never really have the need to talk to someone. If I have something important to talk about then I'll go.
Generally I think I would go to the bank maybe once every 2/3 months.
The last time I actually went into the bank about somehting was just before the new year.
Last year the ATM refused to give my card back. While the bank security guard tried to pry it out I called to cancel it just as the card came loose. I went to the bank the same day and got a new card. I have to go again for an account upgrade.
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I havent visited the physical bank in a long long time. Where I work I just lump my deposit slip in with the rest of the business deposits that go in every Thursday or Friday and then I get a receipt back at the end of the day.

However I visit my online bank pretty much every day. Its how I keep my stuff balanced. Definitely easier than waiting oldschool at the end of the month for the paper statement. Only problem is sometimes it makes me a little lazy :hah:


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Once a year or even two years and that's only because I opened an account each time I gave birth. All the regular things I need to do can be achieved online and by phone or letter.