PC Games How often do you use mods?

How often do you download mods for games?

I was playing vanilla ES: Oblivion (vanilla = mod-free) and while that was all find and dandy I decided to install some mods to see how different it would play out, and, whoa... what a difference. Mods really do change the shape of the game whether it be adding new quests, new races/classes, spells, physics, environment, armor, ect... Better that is. =)

It really does warm my heart knowing there are people out there that create mods for us (themselves, too, obviously). A new way to bond with people via singular player games besides talking about it in a discussion group or whatnot. It's nice that we actually work together.

Mods are really nice, and it can take a not-so-fantastic game and turn it into an excellent game. A 30 hour game into a 3000+ game if you do it right. Mods are really the way of the future.

So, yeah, does anybody like using mods when playing a game, or do you like a mod-free, vanilla gameplay and leave the mechanics to the games designers?
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I find that mods can give you renewed interest in a game you long ago lost all interest in. For instance, I'm currently playing through Fallout 3 again, only this time I've installed a difficulty/overhaul mod (FO3 Wanderers Edition), a mod that greatly varies the mobs in certain ways (Marts Mutant Mod), a mod to let me modify my weapons (Weapon Mod Kits), some packs that either add new radios or add new music to existing ones (GNR - More Where That Came From; Existance 2.0; CONELRAD 640-1240) and a few quest mods that introduce some puzzle based tasks (A Note Easily Missed; An Evening With Mr. Manchester; To Sleep, Perchance To Dream). And honestly? All this has gotten me back into the game, and I'm actually enjoying myself again.

...even if the combat is now Nintendo Hard...