How Often Do You Upgrade Your Mobile/Cell Phone?


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With technology moving so quickly it's hard to keep up with the latest fad.

How often do you get a new, upgraded mobile/cell phone?

My mum upgrades all the time and usually I have the choice of getting her old one or buying myself a brand new one.

I usually side with having my mums old phone as I don't really see the point in investing in a brand new one when my mothers would be more than adequate.

I'd say I upgraded every couple of months.


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I am not fussed about phones that much, as long as it does what I need such as talk and sms, I like to send photos as well, and my current phone does all that. I upgrade once every 1-2 years.


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I usually keep the same phone until I break it. Thats how I ended up with the Razr I have now. I had some bulky pre-Razr Motorola of some sort that I dropped in a puddle getting out of the car, didn't realize it and backed over it when I left hearing the crunch...

It was one of those :tic: kind of moments. Luckily our plan had to be renewed and with it came a spiffy new phone.

I've had it since. If it isn't broke, no sense in fixing it.


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I upgrade all the time when the new stuff comes out but I can't upgrade to squat until this service ends because there is no point in paying for a blackberry when I won't be able to use it on another service so I'm stuck with my Sony until May, May 21st to be exact. Then I'll have me a Blackberry Curve. I don't want the Storm or the Bold.


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Yeah I'm with pro, I only update it when it breaks. so every year or two maybe. Although I am terrible with phones and break them sooo often. I had to get a nokia this time because they're pretty muh indestructable.


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I dont upgrade my phones that often.

I would say that I upgrade maybe 1-2 years, the phone I have now I have had for a year and a half and it's starting to go, so I might have to get a new one.


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The only time I will up grade my phone is when it no longer works, I see no point in upgrading my phone since I only use the phone function.


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I have had my current phone for around 18 months and cant see any reason to get a different one.
As long as it works for calls and text that is all I need.

The longest I have had the same phone is four years,and I only got a new one because that had taken one to many dives from the top of ladders.