How often do you reply?

how often do you reply?

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To threads on GF? I find that I generally reply half the time, sometimes more, sometime less. Depends on the mood I'M in.


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Usually it depends if I have anything to say or add. Sometimes it's just a quick comment but other times it's a longer post. It all depends on the thread and if I've already replied to it, and if so, if I have anything to address the new replies with.
I reply to like maybe 25% of the threads I read. There will be days where I'll keep reading good thread and reply to each one, but those are rare. Normally I just read a lot of them.

most of the time, I have nothing to say on the subject. I'll read what people say, but if its something like "what's your favourite horror movie?" I wont reply because I don't like horror movies, but i'll read because I am interested.


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I'll only reply if I actually have something to say, I'll probably reply to 75% of threads that I read, usually I'll only open up a thread if the title interests me.


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I reply as much as people reply on my started threads. :lol:

I read a lot of threads. I don't necessarily reply to each. Sometimes I do want to say something like a one-liner comment. No matter how earnest that is, I'm afraid some people will find it a useless reply. In that case, I just rep the poster and put my comment on the rep box instead of posting it.


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I reply to maybe 25% of the threads I read. I would probably respond to more, but when I'm at work I'll often get busy and just don't have enough time to put in a thoughtful response, so I won't.