How often do you rearrange your furniture?


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How often do you rearrange the furniture in your house/rooms?

I would have to say that I rearrange the furniture in my bed room every 2 years roughly. I recently rearranged my bedroom because I got fed up of the lay out of it and thought it needed a change. It's good to rearrange it once and a while to stop it from becoming boring.

Anyone get bored of the layout of their furniture sometimes? Maybe some people dont rearrange their furniture at all?
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Not that often. The way my apartment is laid out, it's not really easy to change around the furniture. I only have one place to put most things.
Never. I think my room has been the same way since I started sleeping in there on my own, which was about 10+ years ago. As for the rest of the house, never changed any of the furniture apart from when we got new couches and stuff.


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Once I am happy with the set up of my place I like to leave it, I don't see the point in moving stuff if there is no need. The only time I would start moving things around is if I get something new and I need to move things around to make it work.


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The last time I changed my room around was about three years ago. I just like the way my furniture is placed at the moment. I don't plan to change it till I move out.


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Only if I move, or if I get new furniture. I hate moving things because I get used to them being there, and will walk into them in their new places for a good few weeks afterwards.


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I probably change my furniture up once every year or so and not even all of it at that, I like to leave a few things right where they already are.

Usually for me when I change stuff it's simply like moving a shelf or moving the desk, things just have to be changed up every once in a while or else it gets really boring.


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Never to be honest. I keep everything where it is because it belongs in those places. In the words of Stewie Griffin - I don't like change.