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How often do you pray to Satan?


Problematic Shitlord
I usually get about 14-18 good prayers in throughout the day, depending on how many animals I've slaughtered that day.

How about you? What's your favorite blood ritual? Prayer? Flavor of Doritos?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Every time someone mentions their diety, or Jesus, or the flying spaghetti monster I bow down and praise my lord and savior Vega. For he is wholly right and omnipotent. We will all surrender onto his fantastical bravado!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Every other day. But twice on Sunday's.


rainbow 11!
Every night before bed. I know, it's really not enough. But I have a busy schedule right now.
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Registered Member
Every time someone mentions their diety, or Jesus, or the flying spaghetti monster I bow down and praise my lord and savior Vega. For he is wholly right and omnipotent. We will all surrender onto his fantastical bravado!
I bet the real God is going to get you for that one. The question is how.


Registered Member
What I can't get over is how none of you see what you are very clearly doing.

I'm not the first guy in history who simply had harmless things to say about a certain subject matter that everybody at the time considered important, and instead of simply passing what he had to say off and moving on to the next guy with an opinion on the matter, they choose to stick around and give him problems and expect him to change and be something other than what he is, or is meant for, or feel any less strong about what he feels about something.

You'd think people would just learn their lesson already that strong opinions are simply strong opinions and intent to help is simply intent to help, and it doesn't have to go any further than that, but no....... you keep falling into the same moral stain that basically a whole race of people have on their legacy permanently and now countless wars have been fought over because people STILL feel the need to continue fighting over what the guy meant, who's right, what people should do about it.... blahbalhblah blah blah... when at the end of the day... IT WAS JUST SOME FUCKING OPINIONS/ADVICE.

So in short.... quit turning me into THIS GUY:

The only difference basically is that instead of writing shit like
on the plaque up there, it's this stupid stuff like "neckbeard this" and "ate paste that" and "delusional" and whatever else disposable insults you've come out with during the course of this.

The worst part of all of this, is that God takes it WAY more seriously than you think he does. It may be just a stupid messageboard in the middle of "No Where of the Internet", but he does not fault me much at all for bringing out the opportunity for you to sin, and in terms of me paying for anything that I've done to come out with it... he just decides "Ok, then this can be useful" and presents real life things for me to use all these talents of mine to fix.

You may think that's a good thing for me (and I know at least ONE person who would agree with me immensely), but no... it's NOT a good thing. Because what that means is that my life ends up being delegated to helping out with their problems most of the time, not simply BEING who I am as a person (and likewise being loved and loveable AS who I am as a person) as well as focus my energies on caring about them for who they are.

In God's book, there is so much NEED everywhere that any need and use-based goals will always trump WANT/DESIRE. So the instant a need or use comes up that he sees fit to involve me or anyone in, EVERYBODY'S FUCKING IDENTITY AS PEOPLE GETS PUSHED BACK TO LAST AND FINAL PRIORITY...

and that pisses me the fuck off.

Just look at what I'm doing RIGHT NOW as I'm typing this. I'm still taking time out of my day to respond to all your asses' NEEDS and completely throwing my NHL 99 full-season theme song video for Shaun COMPLETELY under the bus when I should be finishing the season up. I had to take a week and a half off from this place just to get some space in my day for it, and now because you asses still don't get what I'm doing... I'm like........ "Well, it's gonna get done anyways, so what the heck... might as well help a little more".

If this board was a place that God could be proud of, none of you would be wasting your time with these fights and you'd simply be finding things in your OWN lives that identify YOU to post about... and the next time you'd hear from me would be when my video is finished... or when the Sharks win the Stanley Cup Final and I have something ELSE to brag about for fun... or something of that nature. Not this shit.
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