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How often do you go out?


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I use to hang out a lot more than i do now. Now that im older most of my friends have moved away or they have a new group of friends. My closest i see every now and then just to see how they are getting on.


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^Pretty much the same for me, most of my friends are gone so I'm not out as much as I used to be, its depressing sometimes but w/e got to make new friends!


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I used to go every night before school got serious and haven't gone out in 8 odd months, not socially at least. Then this year, been out on the weekends for a while but school is getting hard so I am keeping that to a minimum now.


About a couple times a month to either a hockey game or go see a cover/tribute band or a real band/artist or go to a bar to watch a PENS game on a big screen.


I go out every once in a while for something to eat. Other than that, maybe a trip to the mall or grocery store. I don't go to bars and I don't go to parties anymore. 2 feet of snow doesn't help things either. Haha.