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How often do you go out?


Sally Twit
I just meant out of the house in general, apart from work.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I go out for leisure at least 2x a month. It could be as simple as just walking around or window shopping or meeting a friend for chow. I just need to take advantage of that time when I can actually get out. Other days, I'm on full custody.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Does my bowling league count on Tuesday evenings? If so, then usually twice a week, sometimes once.

I used to do a lot more stuff but now days I've simply calmed down, I guess you could call it.


Registered Member
I used to go out more than 2 a week, but then got married... and sudenly the money for fun became the money for furniture... :(


yellow 4!
Do you go out every single day of the week or you only go out on weekends? Do you like to stay home all of the time or do you hate being indoors?
Actually, I go out more (as in night-time 'out') during the week, and tend to stay in/laze around over the weekend.

As for going out of the house during the day, then that's probably most days. Whether it's going to the gym or for a town trip, I like to get out a fair amount. Though I still prefer my indoors time.


Hmm, well I have class four days a week at my art school so after that I usually like to spend a lot of time at home chilling out. I also belong to an archery club and we shoot twice a week. I catch up with friends maybe once every two weeks or so, usually for a movie, a meal or some sort of event.


Registered Member
I guess I don't get out enough! Working in a restaurant is kind of a strange way of life really, your often working when others are home and home when others are working, and the shifts kind of start and finish at peculiar times so trying to do some kind of regular activity like in some form of club is difficult - as I said everyone else is going to do there thing just as I am off to work ha ha :)

I do however like to walk and I am addicted to sitting in cafes drinking copious amounts of coffee in one form or another, although as I right this I realise that I haven't done that for ages.

I blame the cold dark winter here in Sweden.

Today the sun is shining so could well be a large latte somewhere in the city!


New Member
Well, it depends:
During the week i'm usually busy: unfortunately I study a lot.. so i go out only 4 times a week if possible.

While, on Saturdays, I always go out after school (~ 2.00 pm) and i get back home at 11-12 pm. I know it is a little bit late but... it is my only free day.

Obviously, during the holidays, i always go out, everyday! :)

I really like going out, but homeworks make it really hard.
I hate you, school.


Registered Member
weekends generally. because throughout the week, i am so busy with my work that i can't find time to go out.


Registered Member
Once or twice a week I hang out with a friend of mine. We're both new to this town and it's nice to hang out with a girl that isn't a complete bitch lmao. We go shopping, out to eat, to the movies, whatever strikes our fancy really. We're not big on bars or parties.