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How often do you go out?


Sally Twit
Do you go out every single day of the week or you only go out on weekends? Do you like to stay home all of the time or do you hate being indoors?

I very rarely go out during the week because I usually feel tired after work and just want to relax for the four hours I get to myself.
I am not exactly the type of person that likes to go out partying all the time either.
On weekends I usually always go out somewhere. Sometimes shopping, to watch a film, to see friends or do something with my boyfriend.
My boyfriend and I both work full time so we always like to do something together on the weekend. Even watching a film (no ysabel, not porn :lol:) or going out for a meal together is nice.

Lately I am out every single Tuesday night because I am starting a counselling course so that has been quite nice. It breaks the week up and gives me something to look forward to while I'm at work.


aka ginger warlock
I am out everyday monday to friday with working but unless I need something from asda or whatever I can quite happily stay in all day watching films, playing on my xbox, on here etc. But I usually try to go out in the evening at least once over the weekend to meet friends for a drink and also have one night of just vedging and ordering take away or something similar.


rainbow 11!
I honestly don't go out that much. I'm always broke or tired. :/ It seems like I'm falling asleep sometime between ten and eleven at night and I'm up at 7:15 everyday. I kind of like it, but it really prevents me from going out. All of my friends meet up every friday at around 11:30 for Denny's. But I can't even make that anymore!


AKA Ass-Bandit
I go out every Tuesday and Wednesday night for some roleplaying. I try to make it as often as I can, because I love doing it. Plus, along with my volunteering, it gets me out of the house, and I meet new acquaintances, both of which are a plus in my book.


When I was jobless or at school, I used to go out after school or almost every evening and weekend.
I never used to understand people who came tired from work and wanted to stay home. I always thought going out after work relaxes you and breaks the routine of the day.
Now that I'm working myself, I realize those people were right. It's been 2 months since I started working full time and when I get home late I have no desire to go out or meet anyone.
Work is keeping me busy [I like it this way] but sometimes I miss coming back home early and do my stuff.
It's been more than 3 weeks I haven't gone out for a drink or meet my friends. :(


Registered Member
I've never been out, i went to the local pub once for a works party, it was crap, I just know that i won't enjoy myself if i went out so i never bothered to make the effort. everyone says i should go out to town it's lots of fun, sitting in a room full of sweaty drunk people, listening to music that i probably won't like, looking out for people who will want to kick my head just coz i looked at them doesn't sound like fun to me. I'm probably stereotyping what it's like to go out, but there's a reason it's a stereotype and thats usually because it's true.


Creeping On You
During the winter I don't go out much. It's really cold and miserable. Also, lots of my friends have homework and studying and exams and crap since they are in college and university etc. So not a lot goes on during the winter, expect for birthdays occasionally. During the summer, there's always tons of action. I go out a lot. Even by myself sometimes, just for a walk and what not. I guess I'm just a seasonal kind of guy right now.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I usually go out for sure on Friday and Saturday, then some times I'll go out Tuesday's and Wednesday's for a pint or two after my sports. As you already know by now(well most of you) that I love going out with my friends. I take advantage everytime I can.


Registered Member
I don't go out partying much any more, maybe once or twice a month.
I am out and about most weekends, either with the kids or fishing, or checking out new lakes and whatnot.

I may be starting a regular night out on a Tuesday with my brother for a few games of snooker, but that is about it.


Registered Member
Hm....I wonder if my "out" is different than the "out" you mean. Most my evenings are in even on the weekend. I might be out from 4-6 or 5-7 playing tennis but then home for dinner. A couple times a month I go to 1-book club or 2-bunco. I am very social though but it is during the day. I meet friends for coffee and lunch mostly. The rare occassion I'll go to a movie or hit the mall. I walk a lot but I prefer that alone with music. Now that it is track season, I have tons of busy work with the team and watching competitions. My family gets together for birthdays or dinner or bbqs every month or so.