How often do you give lift advice.


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Follow me on this.

Your at a gym doing some of your routines. You see a new guy, someone you normally don't see around. Not really a big guy but you pay no matter.

Then you see him doing some routines. Using the machines improperly letting the weights hit. Using too much weight on his free-weights etc.

Its obvious he doesn't know what hes doing.

The question is do you help him? Or leave him be?

It's I always found it proper gym etiquette to let the person be, because if you go up to tell him "your doing it wrong" well you embarrass them and they will get defensive.

I know when I first started I didnt want some macho guy telling me how to lift. And most people just will let people be in those situations.

HOWEVER, I make the exception if the guy:

1) Asks for help or assistance.
2) Is obviously going to hurt himself.

I mean of course by doing routines or machines incorrectly one can hurt themselves but unless is like "yeah that guys gonna pull his arm out of his socket" type of situation I let him go and continue the routine improperly.

What do you guys do? How do you feel about advice yourself coming from another person?


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I would love any advice given if I'm doing something wrong while lifting or if I feel like somethings wrong with what i'm doing (like my muscles are hurting more than they should be).

But for a situation like that, yeah I would kindly introduce myself to the person, not have a "know it all" attitude and explain he needs to correct something for his workout to work right/suggest a different idea to make it better for him/her.



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I like to give and also recieve advice about the machinery and the gym parts. I do help guys my age with their stuff if they have just started Gym. I don't know why but it kills me watching the guy embarrass himself.


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Generally I hate giving advice, because what works for one person may not work for another, because of body type/genetics. Also, I workout quite a bit, but I'm not a professional, usually when people ask me for advice that's not something very simple I direct them to the trainers at a gym or a weightlifters forum.


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Personally, fuck 'em. I don't like helping people unless I usually get something out of it. So I would help if they're going to get hurt, I'll get praise, or I'll do it for someone if they hire me, I'll get money, and I'll definitely do it for a pretty lady just because I'm that nice of a guy.