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How often do you get sick?


New Member
How often do you get sick?

I rarely get sick, I haven't been sick in ages it is at least over a year since I have been. Also haven't injured myself either, I'm on a good run!


Well-Known Member
I've been sick twice since the second grade so I'd say that I get sick very very rarely, it pretty much doesn't happen. The only time it does happen is when somebody at school is there when they shouldn't be and they're coughing and blowing everything all over the place. Actually that's kind of gross.


Band Nerd ♫
Well I haven't been feeling good for two years now. I don't know why... I've had a stopped up nose for all of those two years.

It used to be occasional, but now it's occasional that my ongoing sickness gets worse. >_<


Sally Twit
I usually get 1 or 2 colds a year and that's it. I don't often get really sick and I've never had the flu or anything.


New Member
I don't get sick often and I only ever hurt myself badly if I do something stupid or go crazy playing sport


Registered Member
I very rarely get sick and if I do lately it has just been some bronchitis or a really bad cold. The last time I was deathly ill was when I had pneumonia I think as a kid.


Registered Member
I dont get sick often,i think the last time i was really bad was in the summer,i was off work sick,only the 2nd time in ten years where i have been off sick,with food piosening,i was in a bad way for around a week.


Registered Member
Last time I was sick was in the Summer when I had a cold, but I still went into work so it wasn't that bad. Oh, and I went to a music festival this year and got the worst sunburn of my life, had to go to hospital. Nothing major, but I was pretty swollen and needed something to help with that. :p