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How often do you fill up?


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How often do you fill up your car with petrol?

I drive a 2004 Subaru Outback and can get about 250 miles out of a tank before I get uncomfortable and just decide to fill up. I'm sure it can go more but when the gas goes below 1/4 I like to have the peace of mind.

I filled my car up for the second time all summer just two weeks ago, I was amazed to realize that I had literally spend my whole summer in the small area of town that I know as home. I was taking online classes and working from home, the perfect setup for someone that doesn't want to fill up all the time :)

How often do you have to fill up?


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I fill up about once every 5 days roughly. I do about 250 miles a week so I get through a lot of fuel. If I drive economically, and I have actually filled the tank to the top I could probably get about 300 - 350 miles out of the tank. But I never fill it up completely, I put just enough in, and occasionally I drive a bit too fast, so that is my petrol gone.


Sally Twit
I can get a full week out of my car. I know it could go for longer, but I never let it drop too low out of fear of breaking down at an awkward moment.
Every Saturday I put about £40 in.


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I rarely fill my gas tank. Gas is expensive and I may need those few dollars before the next pay day more than an extra quarter of a tank. I only fill it if I'm taking a long drive.


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Once a week and if I am lucky, once every two weeks. I drive a lot during the week to Uni and back and most the petrol is being wasted due to traffic and just standing there.


Free Spirit
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I fill up once a week. Its never close to being out but my gas gauge doesn't work properly so that makes me nervous. Nothing I hate worse than running out of gas because its so easily preventable.


It's not me, it's you.
I fill up probably once every 3 weeks, and I spend about $75. Sucks for those months when it hits twice in a month.


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I have a 10 gallon tank and I fill up every like, 500-550 miles, depending. Averaging at 50-55 MPG is a God-send with the gas prices being like they are.


I'm serious
I can go about 3 to 4 weeks on a full tank of petrol before filling up again, and that's with driving a fair bit. My car is fairly fuel efficient. It might even be closer to 5 weeks. I drive a little Hyundai i20 and it's great for city driving.