How often do you fill up on gas?


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Gas prices are always a good crowd pleaser.. at least when it comes to complaining about them. :D

Anyone else feeling like they are filling up a little too often? Anyone else feeling like they are getting robbed blind at the pump? :(

I think the gas price spike will actually end up being for the better, because it will encourage quicker development of alternative solutions. I like the hybrid car idea, but it's still pretty new.



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Ha! I don't spend a dime on gas :lol:

Something has to be done about the prices. Man back when I could drive the gas prices were at 93 cents a gallon.

Well they need to work on the Fulecell cars.
Hybrids don't get any better mileage than an average car. They eat up gas on the highways (Just to keep up with traffic) and only get good mileage on city streets.
If you only drive in the city the it's for you, but if you do a lot of highway driving then you want something else. What that is I have no clue..
I had to fill up twice this week!!:mad: At least I was able to get it for pathetic though that I was excited about THAT price.


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I would be excited about that price! :) We are paying 2.99 on average around this area. I got excited because I payed 2.94 at Safeway the other day LOL During the summer I fill up about once a week :shake: but now that I am back to work all the fun ends and I only drive to and from work LOL so I get to save on gas during the school year.

I think that they have a really good idea with the compressed air engines. I was watching a program the other night and they featured them. They run for a few hours so far. but they are far less expensive than the other alternatives. I thought it was a great idea. I think we might see them more, when they figure out how to make them run longer. also we would have to have compressed air stations hahaha. of course you can get that at any tire shop. but still I don't think they want to become the new "filling stations" They also didn't go particularly slow, so that was a plus.

Anyway, I need to get ready for work :-/


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I usually fill up on gas about once a week. But if you want free gas, here's a tip. Usually it works for me. I don't work on the weekends and sometimes my tank is very close to being empty. This is kind of mean but I would box in one of my family members car and if they tell me to move it, I tell them that I'm not going anywhere and that they can take my car. When I get the car back, magically gas appears in the tank. :D


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Haha your family is nicer than most then... :) If somebody did that to me I would not be happy at all... :D


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Right now I fill up about once every month or so, because I am currently unemployed and have no where to go right now. It is nice to save on the gas, but I do not like it that I am not working right now. I am currently receiving unemployment, but that will only last so long and I like having a job.


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I drive a diesel so the answer is not a dime for gas. I don't go anywhere to speak of. Truck still has winter blend in the tank and is just under the ¾

I'll top er off before the snow flies and that should hold me until spring. Evidently gas prices aren't high enough. I see plenty of people whizzing down the highway at well over the speed limit.


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Evidently gas prices aren't high enough. I see plenty of people whizzing down the highway at well over the speed limit.
..and then slamming on the breaks at the next red light..

I know I've been being real careful how much speed I get to since each time I have to break a lot I can hear the *cha-ching* (in a bad way) lol :lol: