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How often do you clean your laptop/keyboard etc


How often do you clean things like your computer monitor, keyboard, laptop?

I cleaned my roomates laptop the other day and it was disgusting. It looked like she hadn't cleaned it once since she got it. The whole thing was covered in big smudges and the keyboard was basically stained in some parts from dirty fingerprints. It took me almost 30 minutes of solid cleaning to make it look almost decent again.

I usually clean my laptop every few weeks. And I like to clean my desktop keyboard once in a while too since stuff can build up under the keys. I also bought computer screen wipes and wipe down my monitor every few weeks since I have a bad habit of sneezing on it.


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That's why people always complain about their laptops, if you don't take care of it and treat it like crap, that's exactly how it will perform.

I clean mine pretty regularly, I hate having smudges on the screen. I make an effort not to eat while using it because I don't like having smudges on it.


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Not often enough. I have this air thing in the can to clean the keyboard and I use it rarely. The screen is horrible though. I don't clean it often.


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My old screen was terrible. I accidentally left it open when someone was going round my room 'spider proofing' so it had chemical residue on the screen that would not come off. Because of that, I kind of gave up with bothering to clean any part of it. I used to use a mini vacuum to clean between the keys, and I also had this weird anti septic goo stuff that cleaned between keys.

Gonna have to keep the new one clean though.


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My desktop got cleaned last week and i helped out but there was only a little dust in it. I clean up my room every Saturday or Sunday and thats when i clean up my keyboard and monitor and tablet and phone and remotes and stuff.


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I really need to clean my keyboard. It's not grungy or anything, but I'm betting it's dusty and gross underneath the keys. My tower could also use some dusting but I'll be doing that this weekend once I get a can of condensed air.


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I clean mine at least once a month.


I have an extremely modular laptop so changing parts and cleaning it is a breeze. I don't have to worry about 324253435 different screws either, at the max, just 2-4. Worst I'll get is a little dust having around my sound-bar because my screen hangs over it a little bit, I keep my fan filters as clean as I can as well, to make sure my rear venting works without fault.


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Never ever in my life have I cleaned my laptop, the buttons are really dirty and have been since I got it, I barely use it to begin with so it doesn't bother me as much it would bother the clean freaks.


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I am terrible at cleaning these things. I keep meaning to buy a can of compressed air to clean, but I always forget.

I mostly get things like dog hair stuck in my keyboard. It's kind of gross. However, the new keyboard on my laptop isn't as deep as others, so most of the time I'm able to blow on it myself and get any loose debris out.


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Not as much as I should. I'm ashamed of myself really as I work in a place where I can get free samples of computer cleaning products.

I leave my laptop open all the time because the screen is broken and it cracks when closed. That means it gathers dust pretty often, which is when I clean it. lol