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How often do you check your balance


aka ginger warlock
In the wonderful age of technology with live it makes saving and spending money ever easier. Its sometimes far to easy to go onto Amazon and the like and think "its only twenty quid, what the hell?" but when I do this I tend to forget and then wonder "why do I have twenty quid less than I did yesterday?". Do you visit cash points on a daily basis or go online regularly to make sure you are okay money wise? Do you tend to get a set amount of money out each week and that has to last you or do you tend to get ten pounds out here any there? I do the latter and really need to get out of that habit...


Sally Twit
I check my balance every weekend so I can keep track of what I have left. After all the bills have been paid it's not much. I have to be careful! Try not to go in to my overdraft when I can.


yellow 4!
I get the little balance slips from ATMs every time I get any money out, and keep them all until I can be bothered to note them down in a word doc. So I'm good at keeping track of how much is in there. It's necessary for me to do that because my current account has large amounts of money coming out and going in often from various places for different reasons.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I check it about twice a week or so. I go to my local bank probably once a week to cash in my check or pay a bill. Then on weekends when I go out I usually hit up an ATM and check my receipt(or slips according to bex) after I'm done. I generally know how much money I have in the bank at all times though.

I might also start doing some Online Banking, so whenever I need to check my balance I just need to go online to do so.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I check my balance as often as the times I consider to make a big purchase (especially not anything budgeted for the month) or when I pay my bills (it is online).


AKA Ass-Bandit
As often as I can. That way, I know I'm not dicking myself over by getting my ass stranded in town after buying a sandwich.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
It depends with me. It sometimes a couple times a week whenever I need to pay off some bills. Just to make sure there's enough in there to cover everything and then some.

I wouldn't say I look at it every day but I do check regularly to make sure nothing weird is going on.


Well-Known Member
i check it about every other day just to make sure i am not a victim of identity theft and also to make sure i was charged the right amount when i make purchases. my neighbor checked her balance the other day and someone cleaned out her bank account so i hope she is able to get that money back.
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I check my checking account balance about every 2 weeks and i do keep receipts to make sure I don't forget where I wrote the check or used my visa/checking card.

I do all my banking online and every 2 weeks I print out a bank statement then use that to balance my checkbook.