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How often do you change your hairstyle?


Problematic Shitlord

I've always had curly hair and it always hung just about past my ears then earlier last year I buzzed it all off. I really dig the short, short hair and I'm going to keep it this way.


Registered Member
In the days when I still had hair the style would be determined by whether I was going out on my MC (ponytail) or not (left loose). At that time my hair was waist- length, and anyone coming near me with scissors was looking to pick a fight :)

Then male pattern baldness kicked in, and rather than end up looking like a member of the Quo out came the clippers.
Shaved head ever since. Was toying with getting a full scalp tattoo, however my wife has made it clear that I'll be single if I do ;) She's fine with the rest of my ink (she has plenty herself) but not fond of head tats.


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Yes i get bored easily with my hair, i'v recently had my hair cut into a shoulder length bob with a heavy fringe and hate it, i tend to clip the fringe back and put extensions in the length so i can wear it up easier at the moment. I want long hair again.
My hair is naturally medium brown, very boring but i'm quite scared of colour due to the maintenence and regrowth problems, i'd love to be brave enough to go bright red but i'm chicken.


Creeping On You
I've been going to the same barber for like 6-7 years. Basically the only thing I change is how short I get it cut. In the fall, I just get it trimmed to look tidy, and in the spring, I get it cut real short to be nice and cool.


Registered Member
I'm never totally happy with my hair so I'm always checking out different styles. Right now it's very short on the sides and long on top with a very long rat tail in back. I like to spike the top sometimes and I always like having it dyed. I usually like it black with red or pink splotches. My natural color is strawberry blonde so I can do almost any color I want.