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How often do you change your hairstyle?


Sally Twit
When you go to the hairdresser's will you just ask them to trim your hair so it's the same style or will you often go a little wild and ask for something different?
How about colour? Do you change it a lot?

I have always had long hair and I usually just ask them to cut a couple of inches off to get rid of any split ends.
A couple of months ago I had it cut the shortest I'd ever gone, just above my shoulders. I really like this style on me so I've decided to stick with it for a while.
I very rarely have colour in my hair but that's mainly down to how expensive it is. And I won't ever do it myself after a disaster many years ago.


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For the past two years, I've had a hairstyle that varied from day to day, sometimes one style will go for a week and the next for a couple. It just depended on how I felt. I cut the hair the same way of course but would put wax in it but for a while, I wore it flat and all natural.


Registered Member
I always get the same cut whenever I go to the Barbers. Short, Back and Sides. Standard.

I usually style it, as it looks in my avatar. I've done it the same since I was about 16, when for some reason I thought it looked cool to comb my hair straight forward and spike my fringe up at the front. Walking around like I've got a spider stuck to my forehead.

When my hair gets long I can do absolutely nothing with it and I constantly look like I've just got out of bed, in which case I usually wear a hat until I get back to the barbers.


yellow 4!
I've done it the same since I was about 16, when for some reason I thought it looked cool to comb my hair straight forward and spike my fringe up at the front. Walking around like I've got a spider stuck to my forehead.
Oh god haha, I remember way back when every boy I knew my age had that hairstyle :lol: I believe it was called 'the quiff'.

I don't remember the last time I went to the hairdressers and asked for anything but just a trim. I have cut my own hair before though, into a side fringe or just other kinds of bangs at the front. Always good for a laugh...

When my hair gets to the length I want it, I might do something a little more adventurous. But probably not.


I don't change my hair style very often. Rarely do I change it because I'm not used to changes and It takes some time to feel comfortable with new styles .. though I must admit that all the changes I've made so far, look very good on me. I go to the hairdresser only when I need to cut my hair. Other than that, I do everything by myself.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
These days I don't ever change.

Over the years it has changed but just subtle things here and there. I did also do the spiked hair in the front thing haha


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I haven't changed my hairstyle for a couple of years now. I have to have fairly short hair for work since I work for the Government. Also, I can't do much with my hair so I always go with the fohawk and ask for a trim the time I go.


I ♥ Haters
My hair is just below my shoulders and it’s been like that for a while now. So when I go to my stylist, I just ask her to trim my split-ends or if I wanna change things up, I’ll ask her to put layers in my hair. When it comes to actually styling my hair. I do it myself. I can pretty much do anything with it from tousles to ponytails to up-do’s all at home with a few products. In fact, just last weekend I was able to pull off a Snooki-styled poof, which isn’t something to be proud of, but my point is I can do it. The only time I’ll ever get an “up-do” hairstyle done from my stylist is for a special occasion like a party, wedding or graduation etc. Because the ones I do myself usually get lumpy after a couple of hours.

As for color, I color my hair A LOT. I just recently dyed it pitch-black a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve had it colored every natural color except for blonde. My skin is too olive to handle blonde hair color and I’m pretty sure I’d end up looking like one of those Ganguro chicks from Japan.


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I've had the same hairstyle for the past year, except I gave myself a fringe somewhere in there, and it grew out again. I really need to find a new hairdresser and get something different done. Back when I was living in NZ, my sis was a hairdresser so I changed my style and colour quite often. I've been every colour I can think of; the normal ones like brown, blonde, black, but also blue, and purple and green and orange. The only styles I really haven't tried are anything too short, and dreads. I would love to get dreads at some point, but it's a huge commitment for a hair style.