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How often do you change your avatar?


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I don't really change as much as the others but Paprika isn't my original avy. When I joined I had Canon in D as avy. It's still in my profile page as my main pic there.

The other changes, I made them briefly as part of some site fun (changing into mal's avy, kiwi's avy, or switching with leCercle avatars). Still I'm back to Paprika.

ETA: I liked it a lot when Mal changed his avatar daily. :lol:


it's not a matter of time or a matter of what other people think.
i don't care if others think i have to change my avatar.
i'll change it when i think it's the right time.
i've been keeping this avatar for quite a while now ... and i won't change it until i find something appropriate.


It's not me, it's you.
Hey, I'm happy I even finally figured out how to put an avatar on forums! For a long time, I knew nothing about the process, so never had any on any forums I posted on.

Unless I changed my username on here I doubt I'd be changing my avatar anytime soon. I do have a Willy Wonka avatar (since that's another of my interests) I found on a free avatar site and saved to my computer, but if I used it here it would probably just cause confusion since it has no relation to my username. :confused:

Of course that could be a little funny, too.
I think it's safe to change it to whatever you want. Most avatars don't relate to the user names anyway.


I am the edge!
I used to change my avatar quite often, averaging around once a month. It wouldn't take me long to get tired of it and want something new. That's changed though, and now I like the stability of having the same avatar for extended periods of time. I'm not actually sure how long I've had this one...6 months or more probably.

As far as how often a user should change their avatar or what an avatar should do, that is completely up to the individual user. I like my avatar to reflect who I am, which is why I always choose a female figure that I can relate to.


The Instigator
When I first joined, I didn't think I would ever change my avatar. But... as you can see it's changed a few times. I just get bored with the same thing all the time, but when others change their avatar, it throws me off a bit. Haha.

I think an avatar should just reflect you. Whether that be an actual picture of you, or something that interests you. This is the first forum I've been on, so in the beginning I thought the avatar was supposed to be a picture of you. Obviously, I know better now.


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i am still new, but have already changed it once and i have a feeling that i will change it again soon....and will continue to change it often

People should change them more often because i like to see all the cool ideas and funny pictures

Avatars should probably add some personality too your posts since its had to find expression elsewhere