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How often do you change your avatar?


Well-Known Member
I have like 8 avatars that I switch around every once in a while, I like it, I sometimes like to add a new avatar to the mix but that rarely happens. Back when I first joined I just had a bunch of avatars made and mostly I've been using those, but there have been a few (such as my gollum mock avatar of Swift, or my Rebel Alliance Jedi Link avatar)

I kind of like all of my avatars so I just switch it around every once in a while.


Registered Member
Hey, I'm happy I even finally figured out how to put an avatar on forums! For a long time, I knew nothing about the process, so never had any on any forums I posted on.

Unless I changed my username on here I doubt I'd be changing my avatar anytime soon. I do have a Willy Wonka avatar (since that's another of my interests) I found on a free avatar site and saved to my computer, but if I used it here it would probably just cause confusion since it has no relation to my username. :confused:

Of course that could be a little funny, too.


Hell, It's about time!
When I feel like it. If I find something I really like... like the one I have now, I keep it longer before I change it.


Registered Member
An avatar is hard thing to settle on. I usually pick one and stick to it. Its my identity on a given site. Easily recognisable. I do go through a lot of varaiations and different pics at first though before I settle on one.


Do What Thou Wilt
As you can probably tell, I've changed again....... But, my interests are changing constantly. They tend to be movies, or just funny pictures. The longest I went with one was..... um, Einstein. I had that for 2 months


Sally Twit
I change it when I get bored or I see something that makes me laugh. I don't think there should be a time limit on how long someone keeps an avatar for, unless you're Brix.


I'm not big on changing my av/sig a lot. I change if I find a unique av I like, my smiley one is begging for a comeback though.


In need of Entertainment
Since I've come here I changed my avatar twice. The first time I changed it was for such a short period because I really didn't like it, and it was a temp one till I made this one. I haven't changed it for at least a year now. Have no plans on changing it.

When others change their avatars I get confused for a while then once I get used to their new avatar they change it again. Grr.. :lol:


Supreme System Lord
I rarely change my avatar, only when I feel it's needed.

If you keep changing your avatar people can sometimes become confused and you lose your sense of identification.

I think your avatar says alot about the user behind it.


No Custom Title Exists
I haven't changed my avatar in ages, I am not really planning to anyway, I hate changing avatars.