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How often do you argue?


Sally Twit
Do you and your partner never argue, or are you always arguing? Have you ever had an argument in public?

My partner and I have silly fights every now and then but we've not had many serious arguments.
I've been moody with him in public but I've never shouted at him. The most I've done is stormed off and just stopped talking to him for a while.


Registered Member
We don't argue much. We bicker occasionally but it's rarely serious, we're usually just sarcastic jerks to each other. A couple of times he's said something dumb in front of his army buddies if we all go out to dinner, I challenge him on it and we get into a debate, but it usually ends in me rolling my eyes at him and changing the topic.


Registered Member
Any relationship I have been in has had no fighting. Sometimes I think maybe that's a bad thing.


No Custom Title Exists
Any relationship without fighting is not a healthy relationship. The girlfriend and I barely argue, never argue in public either.


Registered Member
My partner and I tend to argue a few times a week, but never in a disrespectful way and never in public. We're both very strong-minded people when something's important to us, and we are quite different, so when big issues come out there are usually long, drawn out discussions, and when it comes to the smaller things we often argue because we're both too sensitive. We'll think the other person is angry/upset at us, or will make a joke that the other person takes badly, and then we end up with two people in a mood until we've argued it out and realised we were both being stupid.
Our arguments always involve a lot of communication, though. No silence, no name-calling, and no dragging things up from the past to make a point. I'm grateful for that.


Babeasaurus Sex
We don't argue. Not in a smug "We're a perfect couple way" we just get our aggression out in different ways.

Generally we agree with each others stance on something and when we inevitably don't we tend to talk it through quite normally. Often resulting in giggles.

Its nice.


Registered Member
We argue every now and then, but what couple doesn't. As long as we work it out in the end, it's fine. I don't think we've really had a fight in public though, that'd be a little embarassing.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
We did. I'm always particular about public arguing though. I don't like it. The moment we argue in public, it's bad. We don't have to pretend everything is ok when we're in public but we don't have to air dirty laundry to everyone either.