How necessary is the news?


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That is, unless it has a direct impact on your life, how much of the news is really necessary?

I could have gone my whole life without knowing about the guy who gassed his kids on Father's Day, or the guy in Austria who kept his daughter locked in the cellar and had kids with her, and been just fine.

So, are news headlines that are irrelevant to daily life just sensationalism, or are people who feel the way I do just sticking their heads in the sand?


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I don't check up the news, I wait for it to get to me. If I hear about something then most likely it is important enough for me to know about. Otherwise life goes on and it is good.


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I enjoy reading those kinds of news stories. Shows me that the world really is as fucked as I think it is.

Necessary to have those stories? No. But does it keep a moral leash on the majority of people? Probably. Either way, people needed a job to report news at one point and it's stuck around.
I don't watch the news, but I'll read about it while I'm at work. Truth be told, I tend to click on the sensational stories more than anything else.
Is it necessary for me to read about the atrocities in our world? Of course not, but like so many other people I am drawn to anything out of the ordinary.
But, like you said Jeanie I'd also be ok going the rest of my life without knowing about it.


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I feel like sticking my head in the sand.

I don't watch the news, in fact, the only time I actually do see some sort of news is here and when I check my mail on AOL. I tend to get very emotional, so I try to stay away.
I like watching/reading about the news to keep up-to-date with current events around the world. You can use the news as conversation starters, make a purchases that you might not otherwise purchase or donate money to an organization that needs your money to help re-build in an area.


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Some are not necessary but there can still be value in making it available for others to read. It's like reading non fiction books or short stories.

- you'll never know what you can learn or discover
- something to do when you have nothing else special in mind
- some stories do end up entertaining you or pleasing you
- others won't and feel like you've wasted your time (but hey, if reading was something you did to pass time, then mission accomplished, lol)


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I just don't pay a lot of attention to it.

If I'm looking for a laugh, I'll read up on the strange news sections and if I'm feeling the need to be informed, then I'll watch the news. It's not that important to me, it's just nice to have it around.


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Some stories actually keep me entertained and give some topic to discuss with other people if its interesting.

Some of the stuff is actually important, and there could be some kind of notice of an important announcement coming up. Other than that, just a laugh.