How much you take in


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I was just wondering how many people here sell on eBay casually just to make an extra buck, and how many run their auctions like a business? Anybody make enough ebaying to do it full time?


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I'm in the casual buck camp. Mostly I've sold items I was given, didn't want and didn't want to add to my current clutter. I've also sold off a couple of pieces of the current clutter. And, I admit it, I sold a furby for a scandalous price when they first came out. I don't have the patience with people or energy it would take to do it full time.


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I used to eBay full time. At my best, I probably grossed about $100/day and netted about 70% of that. It was very time consuming and alot of work. I worried day and night about things.

Now I just do it casually.


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Its casual for me. If i did it full time i would stress out. Setting up the auctions and dealing with buyers all the time would eventually get to me.