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How Much Would You "Snoop"


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So, I'm house-sitting this weekend for friends of the family. They basically said, "Make yourself at home--thank you" and let me be. I brought my own food (very specific diet), soap, etc, and I'm just basically getting some work done on my own computer while watching their TV with my feet up (taking care of their dog and cats, too).

I've been in the house a few times before. The garage is full of a few vintage motorcycles like old-school Triumphs and other British models; there's a wall-piano; hundreds of classic books on the shelves; memorabilia; a FULLLLLY stocked liquor cabinet (but I don't drink); and tons of other "interesting shit." Oh, and perhaps the greatest irony is that it's the house of a girl who, back in high school, I thought was really cute but really snooty. When my friend once said, "You'll get in her bed one day," I don't think he meant while house-sitting. :lol: Is this real life, or the first 19 minutes of a cheesy 80s movie?

Anyway, Question: How much/to what extent would you "snoop" if asked to house-sit for someone you knew slightly to slightly-well?


still nobody's bitch
The garage is full of a few vintage motorcycles like old-school Triumphs and other British models; there's a wall-piano; hundreds of classic books on the shelves;

I'd be all over that shit - the bikes and the books. I wouldn't look in their personal stuff, though. Snooping makes me feel dirty.


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Depends who the person was if it was someone i didn't really care about i'd go for a good nosey, see what dirt i could find on them otherwise not alot maybe read something that was laying on the table but thats about it.


yellow 4!
I used to babysit a lot and I never once snooped around any of their stuff. It makes me feel weird and I don't care enough about their lives to be interested in finding things, and I know that if I was in their position I would haaaate anyone looking at my belongings. But then again I'm probably a little too private, I don't really think there's anything wrong with taking a look through things that aren't in drawers or whatever.

So yeah, in your case with all that cool stuff, I would probably snoop a little if I was interested in it. Otherwise, nah. And definitely not private things.


Someone I knew well or someone I knew hardly at all I'd be snooping the hell out of everything! I wouldn't disturb anything of course, you would never even had known I was there but there's no way I'd pass up any opportunity for a good snoop.


Better Call Saul
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I am a very curious person but I don't think I'd go through much stuff at their house because like others I am private myself so I wouldn't want people doing that to me.


Living in Ikoria
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I house sit for my brother and sister-in-law once a year or so, and I don't snoop at all. And that's with family that I'm extremely comfortable with...so in the case of house sitting for friends/acquaintances I wouldn't be tempted to snoop at all. To me if someone respects you enough to ask you to do something like this, you have to show the respect in how you take care of their house in return.


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Only to the level of using the ample alone time to take in details of what is on the surface. I would not open drawers or closets or desks. I might sneak looks into jewelry boxes, or decorative boxes. I wouldn't move anything around in them though. It's always been a big deal to me to respect privacy and other peoples' belongings.


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I wouldnt snoop if i can watch tv and play video games. if i cant then i will snoop to find something to do cuz i dont want to get bored. i would snoop in the fridge too to find stuff to eat.


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I can only remember house-sitting 3 times in my life. Once was for my next door neighbors (at the time), and one was for the family of a good friend; those two I had been in their houses hundreds of times and there wasn't any real snooping to do.

The other was a friend of my dad that I kinda know. I pretty much just walked over to his place, took care of the couple things he wanted me to, then left. If something happened to catch my attention as I took care of stuff, I might look at it, but I didn't go out of my way looking for anything. Anything I saw was pretty much what anyone visiting his apartment would have seen.