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Movies How Much Would You Pay To Meet


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I wouldn't pay much more than gas and travel expenses to meet somebody famous, and that's assuming they were going to be nearby. Usually when I meet somebody famous it's by accident anyway, which generally also means it's free. The most famous person I've ever met is Patricia Heaton. I met her in an Albertson's and we had a good chat. I didn't pay anything for that either.
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I don't think there are any movie stars that I would pay a dime to meet. There are a few athletes I'd be more interested in meeting, but I wouldn't pay much at all. They are just ordinary people.


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I think that particular bid was rather high, but come on guys, it's going to charity. It's not like it's actually going to the actor. If I had money to burn, and there was something like this for someone I actually wanted to meet, I would probably do it in the name of charity. Of course, it would be nowhere near that much money.


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Hey, I don't care. I served Jim Davidson in a shop I used to work in, so my life is complete --- That was a joke, Jim Davidson, in case you don't know, is an arsehole snooker game show host from hell... And a stand-up comedian apparently, except he's the only comedian not to make the audience laugh, and miraculously not managed to be pelted with tomatoes in the process...

On the other hand. I'd pay zero, because I couldn't care less. Unless it was a sexy lady and the £5.22 forked out for her would also go towards sleeping with her. Only kidding. Sort of :S :D :p


I'm with everyone else... I wouldn't pay much of anything to see them. I love me some movie stars & athletes, but I have better shit to waste my money on.


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I wouldn't pay shit to go see a celebrity. Why would I when I can see them in my DVD player?