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Game Cube How Much Would I Make?


New Member
Yo guys I got one question!,(cause an too lazy go anywhere else:shake: ) How much would I make if I sell my game cube (it is in good condtion) plz I need help and I got alot of games and a memory card I could sell too! :D :) :stare: :-/ ( I need enough to buy a new or used PS2 mine is breaking:sick: )


Secret Agent
Staff member
If you sold it with several games you'd come out with enough to buy a good condition usd PS2. I'd say sell it with 2 or 3 games and a controller or two and you should get around $125-$150 or so depending on what games it has.


Registered Member
Well here in the UK you would hardly make anything even with games because they were sold so cheap, you'd be lucky to make $50 here.