How much time do you spend doing work?


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When you are at work how much time do you think you are actually doing "work"?

I never had a job where i had to really do anything, but i hang out at this hardware store and i swear they spend more time just sitting around or playing games or just plain slacking then they do working


Ess Tii Eph Yu
The whole time I am at work, minus my lunch I am working except for the 10 minutes worth of cigarette breaks.


Sally Twit
I work from 9:30am - 12:00pm and then I have a one hour lunch break. I then work again until 6:00pm. I don't have any other breaks after lunch.


still nobody's bitch
I'd say in any given week, I only do about 15 minutes of real actual work.

No seriously, though, it's an incredibly rare day that I have 8 hours worth of work to fill my day. some days it's as little as 4 hours or less, which makes for a very long day.


It's not me, it's you.
My work does fluctuate quite a bit. Sometimes I'll be swamped, and other times not so much. I would say that out of a 40 hour week, I do about 26 - 32 hours of work on average.


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When I am at work that is only what I do. I only concentrate to work. I don't do anything else.

I really enjoy my work and I give my best self to it.


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Im a technician at a bowling centre, and my boss is not based in my building. He only visit's like once every month. So basically no one is in charge of the 4 technicians, including myself, when i am at work. Therefore, it's a pretty relaxed job. If i am on a day shift, which is from 8am till 4pm, i usually work for about 4 maybe 5 hours. On a night shift which is 4pm till midnight, i try to do as little work as possible. Maybe 1 or 2 hours if that. I never have a "lunch break" i just eat or relax whenever i want.