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How much "tech" do you carry around?


aka ginger warlock
Are you the type of person that will always have their MP3 player around? Can you go a day without having your mobile phone by your side? Do you need a blackberry/ipad/laptop around with you so that you can always get your work or personal email? I always carry my mobile phone with me and almost always have my mp3 player unless I know I will be with someone most of the day. I also carry my Blackberry on occasions but since changing numbers very few people call or email on it.


yellow 4!
I always have my mobile on me, and that's about it. My ipod comes with me to the gym sometimes, and my other techy things are with me when I'm moving all my stuff between the two houses I live at throughout the school year. That's about it. Oh and every now and then I'll have my laptop to take to school, but that's very rare.

I feel lost if I don't have my blackberry on me.


Sally Twit
My iPod Touch is always in my bag and my Blackberry is always next to me. I just love looking at my BB. It's oh so beautiful and purple. It deserves to be looked at.


AKA Ass-Bandit
A simple mobile phone and an MP3 player that never seems to be properly charged, despite the fact that I charge it right.


I don't usually keep and MP3 with me. I just keep my celphone with radio and that's it.
I like to listen to a variety of music so I won't get bored with my MP3 songs.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I always have my Blackberry on me, it's extremely rare that I don't have it by my side. I don't always carry my IPOD with me, but I do bring it to work, I use it to work out and if I run outside. My laptop usually never leaves my house. So the two main "tech" things that I have on me is my Blackberry and IPOD.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I always have my Blackberry with me. I feel nude without it. It's also my watch, my alarm clock, my appointment reminder, my phone and my internet. I have my iPod with me when I go to the gym. When I travel (vaca) sometimes I carry all three with me, together with HDs, usb keys, converters etc. Gadget overload.


In my bag I usually always have.

Mobile Phone - HTC Legend
iPod Touch
8GB USB Stick
550 GB External HDD


Registered Member
I always have my iPhone & jawbone. Frequently I forget I have the jawbone on and don't take it off until after dinner.

For work I have my laptop, external hard drive, 8GB flash drive, & USB floppy drive. Plus software install & data discs.


Babeasaurus Sex
BB, iPod touch, Kindle, Camera and normally thats all.