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How Much Sleep Should You Get?


Registered Member
Of course we all know that adults are to get 6-8 hours of sleep. Do you get that much or less?
If you get a lot less what do you do to sleep more?


Free Spirit
Staff member
Most of the time I get about 7. Occasionally I sleep 8 and there are times I only get 4 or 5. I'm okay on 7 but 4 or5 I feel like I'm dragging around all day. When I don't get much if I sit down too long I will fall asleep.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Not enough but more than 6 usually ever night. According to my fitbit I am getting about 6 and a half per night, around 7 to 7 and a half on weekends. So could be worse.


The Rock is cooking atm..
6 - 7 for sure, but man due to my night shifts it's become pretty bad lol .. finish work around 2am, get home by 2:30am, can't sleep so I'm up till maybe 5am ... wake back up at 8am to take my siblings to school and try and catch a little more shut eye and at least a 2 - 3 hour nap before work at 6pm. Sounds messed up aye lol


I always aim for 8. And it neeeeeeever happens. Even on days off, something manages to go wrong. I've just learned to run on less. But yeah, my ass is definitely dragging if I only get a handful.


Registered Member
Not usually enough. I need at least 6 hrs but like more but I have trouble relaxing and falling asleep. One thing keeping me awake was too many B vitamins. Didn't know they could do that!