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How much sleep do you have?


Registered Member
On average how much sleep do you have per night. ?

I sleep about 5-6 hours every night. I find if i sleep more than that I'm always tired.


New Member
I get around 6-8 hours sleep depending on what I have done during the day and how tired I am.


rainbow 11!
I usually average about 6ish hours a night. But these past few days I've barely slept. 4 hours on sunday night, and last night I had about 6-7 hours. While tonight I've had none so far. Haha


Sally Twit
I don't get the same amount of sleep each night. Sometimes I'll sleep for 4-6 hours, sometimes I'll sleep for 7-10 hours and sometimes I'll sleep for 3 hours. I am a troubled sleeper.


anywhere from 4 to 6 are my comfort zones when it comes to sleep. I don't like to sleep much more than that.


Registered Member
Very little abt 3 - 4 hours a night. I can't sleep at night so I chat to my friends online until abt 4am then i'm up getting kids sorted for school @ 7.30am


Well-Known Member
I would have to say I get about 8-12 hours of sleep, since I'm not in school yet I get some extra sleep but I know that's going to change for when I start up again. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts, lol.



yellow 4!
Like most people I don't have a set amount.

I always go to bed between 3-6am though so it really depends on what I wake up.

Sometimes I only get a few hours in if I'm doing something the next day, but if I have a free day then I just wake up when I want and get about 6-8 hours, the latter being a lot for me.

If I get too much sleep then I feel really tired during the day.