How much sleep do you get?


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How much sleep do you get? I try to get around 8 hours a night. Generally it's a give or take type of situation for me. 7-9 is average.


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During the week I usually get from seven to nine hours. During the weekend like Friday and Saturday I usually get four to six hours of sleep since I go out all the time, and I need to wake up really early the next morning.


I have an irregular sleep which is bad for the health.
i sleep from 3 to no more than 8 hours a night.
it's not the same 2 days in a row.
last night i fell asleep when birds started singing at the dawn and i had 4 hours sleep
...tonight i don't know .


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I usually get about 9 hours a night, at least over the summer, usually in the school year I get about 7:30.

I always feel tired when I get up if I either have too much or too little sleep


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Weekdays...usually a range of 3-6. Weekends are erratic. Anywhere from 5-12.


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It'll all depend on what time I go to sleep. If I go at:

2AM, I'd wake up at 9 - 10AM,
1AM, I get up at 8AM
3 - 4AM, I'll get up at 1PM


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...I'm sorry I don't understand the question.

If you mean that time during the night when I pass out from exhaustion then I believe I get...3-6 hours a night? It varies whether I have work in the morning or not.

When I'm at school I usually get between 2-6 or I'll just say fuck it and pull an all nighter.
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I'd venture to say anywhere from 3-5 hours and never solid sleep. I have never been able to sleep well at night or any other time for that matter. Now if I've been drinking I can fall asleep faster and maybe last for 2 hours straight but that's stretching it.