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Discuss How much outdoor space do you have at home?


Sally Twit
Do you have a garden at the front and back of your house? Do you live in a flat with no outdoor space whatsoever? How about communal gardens?
Do you care about having your own space outside?

Where I live, you get given a key to a fenced off area overlooking a river. It's quite pretty and spacious, but you have to share it with about a hundred other people. It doesn't fit that amount of people, but the chances are you'll never be alone if you go in there.
There are a couple of benches, lots of grass and a large patio for barbecues.
I also have a small balcony which I very rarely use. I could probably fit a couple of chairs out there, but I've never bothered with it.

One thing I've always loved to do is sit outside in my mum and dad's garden. It is their own private space and they've made it look really pretty with flowers, a bird bath and a bench.
When I move in to a house (I currently live in a flat) it's going to be important to find the right garden. I hope to get a dog at some point, so he is going to need space to run around in.
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I have a really tiny balcony. It's only a few metres wide. My apartment complex also has a communal outdoor area with some grassy areas, a tennis court, pool, gym, bbq's etc. If I want to spend time in a garden though I usually walk to the botanical gardens which are close by.


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I live in a flat which has a communal area, there is a grassy area with a lovely tree. But I never use it as the children that live in some of the other flats play out there and they run riot and make lots of noise. If you want to chill out at the end of the day it isn't ideal.

I have got my allotment which is a short drive from my house, it is 25 square metres (I think) so is pretty big. Eventually there will be veggie patches, flower beds and a seating area, so that will be my outdoor area.

One day I will live in a house with a decent garden, I miss having one, so when I move it will be a priority.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
My back and front yards are fair in size. They aren't too big and they aren't too small. My front yard is definitely smaller than the back.

I have plenty of room in the back and not much in the front because of the tree but I like it...I think its perfect.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I have a large hill for 100 yards from the back of my house to a tree line. There's a leveled off old foundation halfway up that has a fire pit. The whole thing is around 75 feet wide at its widest point but narrows near the top. I also have about 30-35 steps up from the street to my house with planters and retaining stone/wood.


Free Spirit
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I have a really big yard, maybe 1 acre or so, forest behind the house and pasture in front of it surrounded by hills and a creek running through the valley. There is also a vegetable garden with a really high fence around it to keep the deer and other wildlife out.


still nobody's bitch
Almost none. I have about an 8 square foot patio, and about 12 square feet of grass if that. I have a little bit of dirt where I theoretically could plant flowers, but when I tried this year, I couldn't dig far at all on account of tree roots. I want more space.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I have a fairly small front and back yard. The back yard has some privacy, but there is not really enough room to run around and play games. About half of the yard is landscaped, while the rest of it is grass.

There is a porch in the front which I actually sit on quite a bit. It's pretty relaxing to sit out there and read or watch people go by, although I live on a pretty quiet street.


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The front yard at my house is almost nonexistent. There are a few small patches of grass to cut. Most of the area out front is either landscaping or driveway.

The back yard is much larger. We have plenty of yard space to throw a frisbee or have any back yard games.