How much money..


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I don't carry cash unless I know I'm going to be needing it / can only pay in cash.
...98% of the time I just use my ATM card for all my purchases.
50 bucks for small things fuel, milk or candy.
I use my debit card to pay for bigger purchases, it's just more convenient.


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Like Angels I don't carry much money in my wallet, unless I really need too.

I always use my debit card to pay for things that I purchased, it's funny because when I was young I never used my debit and always paid with cash.


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The most i've ever carried in cash was $1000 and it was from the bank to the place I was buying my car. My wallet wouldn't even close :lol: But I spent it right away. Usually i'll carry $20 in cash, I pay for everything by card. I definitely don't carry around more than a couple hundred.
Well before I started having a card for back-up last year, I'd usually take quite a bit of money around with me. But now, I rarely have more than 30 quid but it's usually more like a fiver or something. Unless I'm going out to buy something specific that's expensive, but even then, I'll more likely just use my card.


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Usually about 20 - 40 bucks depending...I try to pay everything by cash....

Using my card costs me an additional 2 bucks...Australia sucks lol.