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How much food do you waste?


Sally Twit
Are you the type of person that does a big food shop and ends up having to throw a lot of food out because it goes off? Or do you shop numerous times a week and only by a few things each time?

When I get paid I always do a big shop that weekend and we do end up throwing things out. We always think there's things we need but when we have them we don't always want them.
I've started buying more things that will keep longer instead of things that need to be eaten the following day. So hopefully we'll stop wasting food!


I try not to ever waste food out at restaurants and cafes. I know it makes me look like a pig but if I get a Big meal I usually finish the whole thing, I hate the idea of sending really nice food back.

We do waste a bit of food in the home, but we try to limit it. We usually do one big shop once every two weeks or so and try to eat all the things that could go off before the things that could last longer, but we still end up throwing out things past their used by every now and then.
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I waste food no matter if I buy it in or dine out. I never clean my plate when eating at a restaurant, it's sort of a subconscious thing for me, I always end up leaving fairly large portions of food on my plate, uneaten. I haven't cleaned my plate in years. As for buying food here at the home, I go 2 or 3 times per week to the store to stock up on what we go thru most. But I rarely cook, so we eat out more than we do at home. So it's mostly drinks I buy for home.


Registered Member
We don't really waste a vast amount of food here. If it looks like it's not gonna get used before the date we freeze it up so we can still use it.
Unfreezable perishables usually get scoffed as we buy them, so beyond the odd tin of beans or something that's left languishing in the back of the cupboard for yonks, or something, we don't usually waste stuff.
To be honest, personal food wastage doesn't bother me half as much as the waste that goes on in shops - In a place I worked at, we'd throw about 5 bin-liners of snap out every day, if not more. Stuff that was going off that day, stuff that could've been eaten most likely. I dread to think how much perfectly edible food is being destroyed all over the country in this manner. That job always made me feel a little sick to be honest. ---


still nobody's bitch
I try not to waste food because I think it's a sin. Sometimes I can't help it though, especially if it's food that I buy for my daughter and she ends up not eating it. I go shopping at least once a week, sometimes more often. Most of what gets thrown out is produce.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Me and my brother do groceries about twice a month, every two weeks or so. It's very rare that we'll throw some thing out, if we do it's usually something that went back e.g. Milk, juice, or produce.

When it comes to eating my lunch, dinner or anything of that nature I'll try to eat everything. If I can't eat it all, I'll usually put it in a plate and eat it in the next day or so. I'm not a big fan of throwing stuff out, since there's a lot of people in the World that don't even eat some days.


I never ever waste and throw food away. I eat left overs and if there's something left in the fridge I cook and eat it, even if it's been there for days.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I don't throw out much. The only time you'll see me throw something out is if I had leftovers of something and didn't eat them quick enough and then I'll toss them. I'm not a huge fan of leftovers to begin with.


yellow 4!
At home, things get thrown out quite regularly. My mum does a big food shop once a week and always gets too much, and some foods go off.

Whilst I'm in charge though and it's my money being spent, you bet I'm not going to waste a single thing. :lol: I literally don't think I have thrown anything out since I came to uni due to it going out of date. Except maybe one or two mouldy oranges.


Registered Member
I don't throw very much out and always have a lot of left-overs in the fridge. If I don't finish something for dinner, I'll let it sit there until I get hungry again later and finish it then. Food shopping is done about once a month now that money is tight, but still, nothing gets wasted around me.