How much does you barber charge?


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My barber has just raised the price of my usual 'short back and sides and a bit off the top' to £10, which is about $14.

Is this too expensive for a 15-20minute haircut?

I live in a city and as we know, everyones feeling the pinch.

How much does your haircut cost? :)
It depends, but it usually costs about £15. I can't remember if that's just a trim or the wash aswell.

10 quid for a 15 minute haircut is expensive in my opinion, but thats because pretty much all haircuts are, for what they are. Unless you find a good deal or get it done by a hairdresser who is just in training.


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I spend about $10.... somtimes its free.

I have a few who comes down every 2 weeks and hits me with a trim and a fade. - It's nice knowing people like that. :)


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I usually pay about £8/9 to get a cut/trim. Never more than a tenner though. I get my hair cut in a small village hairdresser, so it's not that expensive.


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free because I get my friends to slice it up. It is just straight across my back when I don't feel like sitting on it anymore.